Coin Pirates: The dull side of a pirate’s life


Coin Pirates is an Apple application that combines a game of skill with a game of chance. A ramp with two slots slides in and out. The player taps a coin on the board with the aim of lining it up with the slots with the correct timing so that the coin enters the slot. Once a coin has been successfully placed in one of the slots, the slot bar spins.

Requirements: iOS 3.0 or later; iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
Application Name: Coin Pirates
Cost: Free with ads.
Application Size: 18.7 MB
Rating: The game has an iTunes rating of 3.5 stars based on 1349 user reviews.
Developer: NUBEE PTE. LTD.
Game Features: 3D graphics to simulate coin dozer and slot machine, classic sound effects, special items, jackpot prize for consecutive spin results of 777.

The scoring system is not the most clear of scoring systems, there is a coin count that decreases when a coin is used. Once a coin has been pushed off the edge of the board, a level up point is awarded. The aim of the game is to increase the level. Various special disks are sometimes released when won on the slot machine. These special items help to level up, assuming they don’t fall off the sides.

Coin Pirates is not the most exciting game for Apple devices; it has a similar feel to carnival games, although when simulated a lot of the thrill is lost. I would imagine one would grow tired of the game rapidly. One quickly develops a knack for getting the coins in the slots and the game is not particularly challenging.

The development of Coin Pirates seems to be done quite well as there do not appear to be any glitches or issues while playing the game. It is curious that the game itself is quite dull, yet it is surprisingly addictive; it grows on you. I would only recommend this game to those who want a light, undemanding app to use when they don’t have anything better to do.

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