How to get rid of recent contacts in the Mail App for iPhone?

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Many a times the contacts that you have on your iPhone Mail App are no longer using the email address that you have fed in your contact list. When you send an email to your contacts, the Mail app uses autofill to make things easier for you but the autofill picks up the email address which is no longer in use. So you wish to get rid of this outdated contacts from your mail app even though you’ve updated the person’s information in your Contacts app so that next time your autofill suggest you the correct email based on the name you enter.

Here below are the simple steps to remove a contact from recent contact list and from these autofill suggestions in the mail app or if you have removed an email address from your Contacts app, but it still appears when you are sending a message do the following steps.

Open the Mail app.

Tap the Write mail icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Mail App

Start typing a name.

Find the old contact when the list of suggested emails appear.

Tap the info icon next to the name.

Tap Remove from Recents.

Mail App

The contact will no longer appear as a suggested email in autofill in the Mail app.

Now to update a contact with a new email address in the Mail app

If you’ve recently received a message from someone with a new email address, you can also quickly add it to your Contacts.

Open the Mail app.

Tap the email with the new contact.

Tap the email address.

Mail App

Tap Add to existing contacts and select a contact.

You can also tap Update Contact if it is labeled under the correct name.

Tap Update in the upper right corner of the screen.

Mail App

Once added, the new email address will show up as a suggested option in autofill in the Mail app.

Isn’t it easy right.

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