Fishy Slots: Something’s Fishy


The developers of the Fishy Slots Apple application have clearly put a lot of effort into the user interface and the sea theme. The music is pleasant at first, as are the cute fish graphics. After about 30 seconds of playing, these perks rapidly lose their enjoyment. The music becomes repetitive and annoying, as does the movement of the slots as they spin and land. The game is quite slow and becomes irritating quickly.

Requirements: iOS 4.3 or later; iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
Name: Fishy Slots
Cost: Free with self-promoting advertisements and pop ups for other applications by the developer.
Application Size: 19.0 MB
Rating: Rating of 4.5 based on 1615 user reviews.
Developer: Avalinx LLC.
Features: Variety of 5 bonus rounds, choice of up to 21 lines per play, free spins rewarded, Game Center Leader Boards, coins can be used to lock columns into place.

The Fishy Slots game shows constant jackpots increase in the top left corner, which is quite annoying. The game appears to target those who become anxious about winning. This can become quite addictive to those inclined to gamble. This distresses me as the graphics and sounds of the game would be appealing to children.

Avalinx LLC, the developer of Fishy Slots, self promotes within the application. There is a bar at the bottom that can take the player to other Avalinx applications, and occasionally a pop-up option to visit their other applications will occur. This self-promotion may work on those who find the application enjoyable, although I have to admit that it is discouraging me from installing any other Avalinx applications. It is unfortunate that the game is objectionable, as the graphics are quite fun and well developed.

Because the Fishy Slots game would be attractive to children, and because it is so focused on attempting to win the jackpot, and because small winnings are seemingly constant, I would not recommend this game to children. I would also not recommend this game to adults, as it would either frustrate or encourage the real thing.

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