Slots Saga: And you thought Twilight was dull?


The Slots Saga application available on Apple devices is the slot game for those who would prefer to progress as the game is played. As the name suggests, there are many levels to clear. Each stage has an island filled with many level to unlock. There is a pirate theme and unfortunately the same music and icons are used in each level, which may get quite annoying after journeying through the entire saga.

Requirements: iOS 4.0 or later; iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
Name: Slots Saga
Cost: Free
Application Size: 40.6 MB
Rating: 4 star iTunes rating based on 671 user reviews.
Developer: Zentertain Ltd.
Features: Worlds and levels to unlock, bonus games, bonus coins, free spins, special gems to multiply winnings, gifts can be sent and received amongst friends, Facebook connection.

When unlocking a level after a certain amount of spins, the maximum bet goes up. There is an option to bet on up to 10 lines, which is probably a good thing considering the function of the game doesn’t change throughout the saga.

Winning play money on Slots Saga does not occur as frequently as other slot machine applications, although the odds are still more favourable than real money machines. This is a nice compromise and is slightly less patronizing than the other free slots apps. However, the thrill of gambling is almost completely lost on this game, possibly due to the main mission of getting through levels.

When I opened the Slots Saga application for the first time I was pleasantly surprised by the satisfying elevator music that played; it has a jazzy, tropical feel. This made the game music within the levels a bit of a let down, as it is dull and slightly monotonous. The graphics are nothing spectacular, though they are fairly good.

The Slots Saga game seems to be the sort of thing you would install, play a bit, and then forget about before clearing the first few stages. I am therefor puzzled by the developer’s choice to give the user so many stages to play through.

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