Low Stake Poker Game- Golden Rules to Win

When we talk about Poker it is often compared with High Stake Poker and Low Stake poker. Often players have this notion that going for high stake poker can bring them close to the winner stand. It is true that the show of the both high stake and low stake poker has being set up in different dais from the beginning itself.  Players have always been attracted to the pomp and show of High Stake Poker. They want to see pokers of high stakes playing in a closed off and decorated room in the glittering casinos whereas low stake was played on a normal table in the arcade of any room or village shows. High Stake Poker has blinds of $400 and $800 with a $200 ante whereas Low Stake Poker has blinds of 2 cents and 4 cents.  But both shows do offer players who use cash in lieu of chips as part of their stack the only difference being that the High Stake has many players with bundles of hundred dollars and Low Stake poker has players with rolls of nickels.

Low Stakes Poker provides river of abundant human emotion. It is often seen that the High Stake Poker players are unconcerned about quarter million dollar pots, oblivious to the fact that they’re gambling small fortunes for regular people but in low stake poker game every ten dollar all in is a matter of life or death. But with the right approach and strategy these days most of the poker players dive their hands into the low stakes poker games. Let us learn how to approach low stakes poker games and achieve a small win rate in such games with some golden rules and tips.

The first golden rule is playing lots of hands against the recreational players. Most of the poker players have this in mind that they can’t win big against the recreational players.  But if you get involved against these players with a process of getting and developing a dynamic play with them will have your advantage of having a win hand. Many people do not maximize their win rate versus the bad players because they simply fold too much preflop. The best thing is that you go out of your way to get involved in pots with recreational players. If you have position on them, play as much as the top 50% of hands against them. In other words when they are bit down you raise up with a huge range of hands in order to try and get heads up against them going to the flop. This is also known as “isolating.”

Many players are in doubt that if they don’t have a good hand themselves, they won’t know what to do after the flop. But remember the fact that these recreational players are playing a huge amount of hands as well. And since you have position on a player who often will make large mistakes after the flop, you could very easily win a big pot.
A lot of people make the mistake of not wanting to fear their opponent off by betting too much. Such so called passive players are not going to build the pot for you. If you choose to try and trap them with your big hands, then you can often look forward to winning a tiny pot. You have to build the pot versus passive players. It is true that they will fold sometimes, but that is just because they didn’t have anything. The vast majority of the time because both players involves have good hands the big pot gets played in hold’em.  What you can do is make them pay when they do happen to have something and save the trapping for the aggressive regulars who might actually help build the pot for you. Thus the golden rule is to never to slow play against the high stakes poker players.

The low stakes poker players should never bluff the bad players. Betting frequently with nothing against them, especially on the flop and isolating these recreational players with a wide range preflop and follow this up with a continuation bet on the flop most of the time is the best strategy. This is how you start building that dynamic play with them. They are only going to have a pair on the flop about one-third of the time when they do their call thing. Therefore, more often than not they will have to face another bet when they have nothing. When you are constantly isolating them with a wide range and sticking the c-bet in their face each time, they will start to view you as abusing them. This will pay big dividends for you in the future when you finally make your big hand and they have some piece of the board as well. With this golden rule which doesn’t cost you much and even if their call on the flop will still have you on ten-high on the turn even if you give up. In this way you will be taking down a majority of these pots on an earlier street and also prepare them for the big blow-up hand where they give you their entire stack.
When you are playing low stakes cash games whether online or live keeping things simple is often the best strategy for success. Do not get tricky in any way. When you make a big hand, you need to bet big on every street for value. Try to get involved in as many hands as possible versus them and be aggressive consistently on the flop no matter what you have.

Most importantly you have to remember that sometimes it won’t be your day. You won’t be able to make a hand to save yourself and they will seem to hit the flop every time in some way.  But you have to remain cool and calm during these sessions and have a positive outlook. Such loose-aggressive style of play in position versus the recreational players will pay off in a big way. This approach also will confuse them very easily if you are acting good and normally. This can lead to a windfall situation where they are just handing you stack after stack.
Though believed that most live low stakes poker games and even low stakes cash games on online sites still have plenty of loose action but with few key errors and strategic play can have  upper hand and the win rate in these games.

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