Breakfast Slots Makes Me Hungry

The Apple application named Breakfast Slots claims to be the, “best free slot machine”. Well I don’t know about that, but it does seem to be quite well made. The quirky breakfast items on the board are whimsical, although I find they make me crave breakfast foods. I also couldn’t continue playing without making myself a fresh cup of coffee after watching the coffee cup items a few times.

Requirements: iOS 4.3 or later; iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
Application Name: Breakfast Slots
Cost: Free
Application Size: 14.8 MB
Rating: iTunes rating of 2.5 stars based on 1569 user reviews.
Developer: Candywriter
Game Features: 3 bonus rounds, maximum of 20 lines in play, auto play, multiple currency support, winning rate modifications, save game progress.

The application works, as you would expect the digital pokies machines to work at a pub. The cost of a bet is 25c per line. You can bet a maximum of $5 per spin. The game is quite quick and does not require patience, especially with auto play.

There are various bonus rounds such as choosing between three hard-boiled eggs and tapping to break it, cooking a pancake without burning it, and juicing one of three oranges. All of these bonus rounds offer a cash prize, often 25 to 50c. There is a rooster noise when the bonus round occurs, indicating that children would enjoy playing this game.

I am mildly concerned that games such as Breakfast Slots encourage children to grow up to be gamblers, with playful breakfast themed icons and chomping or slurping sounds when a line has been won. However this application appears to focus on the lighthearted icons and sounds, as well as the enjoyment of playing bonus rounds as opposed to the gambling.

This application is one of the gaming applications that havea milder gambling influence, showing that slot machines are intended for fun as opposed to potential jackpots that are extremely unlikely. Although the game isn’t too focused on gambling as far as slot machines go, gambling is a common problem and I wouldn’t encourage children to play.

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