Spin2Win Fails

spin2win iphone apple app
Spin2Win iphone app

Anyone who has tried to play pokies on an iPhone knows that Apple does not enable gambling with real money. It does however appear to allow the encouragement of gambling, with the application Spin2Win, which lets you win pretty much every spin.

Requirements: iOS 3.0 or later; iPhone, iPod touch, iPad.
Application Name: Spin2Win
Cost: Free, with option of paying for tax rebates, free passes and money stacks.
Size of the application: 23.3 MB
Rating: iTunes rating of 3.5 based on 71 user reviews
Developer / Creator: Apostek Software

Game Features

Variety of 15 payouts, with a maximum of $10,000 worth of play money, increase steaks up to a multiple of 3, Joker acts as a wild card with 8 surprise outcomes, bar to purchase digital alcoholic beverages, possibility to buy more planks for the wheel, free pass, effects such as Shake and Smoke, Game Center Leader Board, badges to unlock.

It is very hard not to win on Spin2Win. As the name suggests, you spin, and then you win. The odds are very favourable towards the player, who rapidly turns the $650 starting total into thousands of dollars. The more you play, the more money you gain.

The consequences on the board include, ‘House of Tax’, which takes a small percentage of your winnings, as well as, ‘Bankrupt’, which takes away the session winnings, which isn’t much and your earnings from the previous and prosperous sessions remain.

There are special items available, for example the useris sometimes offered a beverage called Dracula’s Kiss, which is consumed to transform the board into a spooky theme. The Dracula’s Kiss beverage can be purchased for $2000play money.

I also noticed quite a bad glitch. After I had been playing for a while the board became out of sequence. For example, I landed on, ‘Shake’, and received a, ‘Joker’, prize. I then landed on $1000 and became bankrupt. The game is in poor taste and does not appear to function very well. If you like gambling and don’t want to waste any money, there are much better applications out there.

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