Has your iPhone played with you recently?

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Apple again shook the mobile world recently. They grabbed major attention by announcing new versions of their mobile phone, their tablet and their TV product at the same event. This continues to be a hard act to follow and few companies can execute a marketing strategy so successfully.

The latest iPhone comes with an industry-leading stylus and innovations in photography. How other improvements such as “3D touch” will be carried over to touch-screen games, we will shortly see. Game programmers are bound to take advantage of these innovations to enhance the gaming experience for iPhone users. In the meantime, iPhone gamers should immediately benefit from yet more improvements in speed and performance when their iPhone plays with them.

Android phone users will no doubt sit up and watch to see how, and when, their games are enhanced with similar features in an effort to catch up with Apple. In fact, we expect Android to try and take the lead in the race by responding with some unique features in their next operating system, don’t we?

On-line or downloaded?

iPhone users can play mobile games in two ways. If you are a keen and regular gamer and want the best of both words, it would be worthwhile setting yourself up with two types of games: on-line and downloaded games. In this way, you can benefit from games that you play on the Internet, and games that you have on your phone that you can play when there is no Internet connection.

On-line games

These are games that can be initiated through a web browser typically pre-installed on your iPhone. The games do not have to be downloaded to the phone; instead, they are played using software on a server somewhere on the Internet. When you play on a website, all your device should need is a “browser” that is run with software that will display the game interface correctly. There are occasional limitations on mobile devices with web browser software, but these are quickly overcome as technology advances. One example is Adobe Flash, which did not run on iPhones. This was resolved with the newer HTML5 standard for web page rendering.

There are some drawbacks of playing on-line without downloading. These games run on gaming providers’ servers and most of them take up considerable space. This often requires the provider to have a limited variety of games available. For the same reason, sound and video quality can also be compromised, as the software on the Internet cannot always directly leverage the iPhone’s sound and image capabilities.

Downloaded games

If you have a decent iPhone, you can choose from a large variety of games to download – and even play while you are not connected to the Internet. When you play a game that is downloaded on your iPhone, the phone must have adequate hardware and software and it may invoke additional software to run the game’s algorithms and display the player interface optimally. Playing with a downloaded game has advantages. You can save game progress to continue with it later; a game can be loaded and started instantly without an Internet connection. You can also rest assured that newer versions of a game can be downloaded as they become available.

Your iPhone wants to play with you

In the future, technological advances will continue to take iPhone games to higher levels. Social media integration on all fronts also seems inevitable, with games that enable you to compete on-line with friends and family across the globe at any time of day and on any device. Mobile devices are becoming geographically and environmentally aware – your iPhone can locate you if GPS is activated. The aim will be to tailor games according to where you are and according to what else you are busy with at the time.

Do not be surprised if your iPhone wants to play with you. 888 poker“I see you are having a peaceful moment in the smallest room of your house. Would you like to play a game while you wait for an event?”

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