The Easy Way Tips- With iPhone 6s

Do you know that the launch of new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in September had 13 million people to have this phone in just a week’s time. You can imagine now how many more will join this fan club in coming days. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus comes with a  wide range of new features that most of us need to know. Here are few things that can make you have a wonderful experience in handling your new device.

Live Photos

You can enable or disable Live Photos by tapping the button at the center of the top menu bar in the Camera app. The Live Photos is a good feature but with a 16GB iPhone 6s or 6s Plus it may take up more space than standard photos and it is your choice to disable it.

Wall Papers

With your new iPhone you can create motion wallpapers that start animating when you press firmly on them on the lock screen. Simply set any Live Photo as your lock screen wallpaper and have your own creation.

Websites Glance

As new iPhone 6s you have a 3D touch with which you tap and hold on a link in any supported app to glance at the webpage in a floating window above the app. If you want to continue reading it, press firmly to “Pop” the page open. If you don’t, simply let go and you’re back at the screen you were on previously.

Quick Actions

To have something Quick press firmly on a contact’s picture anywhere in an Apple app and you’ll open up a Quick Actions menu that lets you quickly and easily call, message or email the contact. Try it in the Contacts app and the main conversation list view in the Messages app.

Location Share

Quick Actions menus are one of the key elements of the 3D Touch experience, and the menu for Apple’s Maps app is particularly handy. Press firmly on the Maps app icon and you’ll see four options, with “Send My Location” and “Directions Home” among them.

3D Touch Oleophobic Coating

As the new iPhone 6 comes with 3D touch Oleophobic coating:the oil-resistant coating on your iPhone’s display might wear off even faster than it does normally. You can save this coating by navigating to Settings-General-Accessibility- 3D Touch, then scroll down to 3D Touch Sensitivity and set it to light.

Keyboard or Trackpad

Press and hold firmly on the keyboard in any app to transform it into a trackpad, and then slide your finger around to control the cursor. Press even harder and you’ll begin highlighting words. Of note, this feature only works with Apple’s keyboard and not third-party keyboard apps.

Camera quick-launch

Simply press firmly on the Camera app icon and a Quick Actions menu will let you open the app and immediately take a selfie, record a video, record a slo-mo video, or take a normal photo with the rear camera.

Switch apps with 3D Touch

On any screen, press firmly on the left edge of the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus display and swipe inward toward the center of the screen to open the app switcher. Continue swiping all the way to the right edge to immediately switch back and forth between the last open apps.

Explore 3D Touch

As said above firm presses on most of Apple’s preinstalled app icons will bring up a Quick Actions menu, and many third-part apps support the feature as well, so be sure to try them as well. Developers will continue to enhance their 3D Touch support as time moves on, which means you will have new features constantly. Just try 3D Touch in as many places as you can and explore the new attribute.

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