5 new apps to have on your iPhone this weekend

Apple has unveiled 5 new apps that you can have it on your iPhone 7. You can have these apps from iTunes and enjoy games and work yourself smoothly. Now download the apps from the link provided and know the brief features that you will find in these apps.

1. Bubo

Bubo App

Bubo is a beautiful task management app for iPhone which allows you to input tasks, set a time limit, and track your progress. Bubo lets you know how much time is left, when you are expected to finish your tasks, and will even alert you when your time is up. This is thus a helpful app that helps you to complete a task, and projects on time. This app is available at iTunes at $1.49

2. Café Wifi

Cafe Wifi

Café Wifi app shows you nearby “workable spaces”, such as cafés and co-working areas, and allows you to share and discover more information about them. Café Wifi aims to help everyone share information about internet speeds, drink enjoyability, and atmosphere of your favorite cafés while also helping you find new ones in whatever area you’re in.

You can plot and discover the best coffee shops for good coffee and drinks, fast internet, and getting things done. Find great places to work between meetings, or for students to study for exams and complete homework. See which coffee shops and co working spaces have the best Wi-Fi speeds, coffee/tea/drinks, and environment. This app works worldwide, and helps you share information with others who are or who may be visiting that area in the future.

Café Wifi is powered by a community of people that work remotely or at cafés and co-working spaces, enjoying the best drinks, internet speeds, and atmospheres that cities and towns can offer. Share info about local coffee, connectivity, and coworking, and help others find the best locally as well.  This app thus helps when you are visiting new areas. You can have this app all free at iTunes.

3. Odio

Odio App

This fun app is called Odio, and it’s essentially like Vine for GIFs. You can record/import your favorite moments and turn them into GIFs. Then you can add color filters and audio, and share your creation on Odio or other social networks. Clips can be hash-tagged for easier discovery, and you can follow other users, as well as like and comment on their posts. This app is all free at iTunes store.

4. Vertigo Racing

Racing App

How about racing in Vertigo Racing app. Put your foot down and race across a series of roller-coaster like mountain tracks, each time getting further and faster, without destroying your beautiful vehicle. With a whole selection of tracks to go at, from deadly glaciers to ancient walls, you will always have fresh challenges and new trophies to win. Relive the classic era of the automobile in 10 evocative vehicles from the diminutive ‘Piccola’ to the fin-tailed ‘Prestige’, Vertigo Racing is the new home of chrome.

You can customize your automobile with a fancy paint job, inside and out. Tune your vehicle under the hood until you have the perfect speed demon. Also Drift and jump your way to the finish line and complete awesome challenges en route. This game is made by EA’s Chillingo team and is available free at iTunes.

5. Rubek

Rubek App

Rubek is a minimalist color based puzzle game. Roll a cube to pick up and match correct colors on the floor, as you make your way to reach the end point while figuring out a way to solve the puzzles. Play through 70+ handcrafted levels of mind bending difficulty and collect stars to compete on the global leader boards. You will find mind bending puzzles and also supports Color blind option. This app is available to download at $2.99 at iTunes.

Now enjoy these apps on your iPhone and have fun.

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