Looking for iPhone Hacks? Here are 5 Awesome Tips

Want to tap the hidden capabilities of your iPhone? Check out our quick checklist of useful iPhone tips.

Reading iPhone Tips

Most people think that they have maximized the full potential of their iPhones. For some, downloading the latest and trendiest apps is the be-all and end-all for iPhone use. Others would resort to jailbreaking to maximize their iPhone experience. In this post, we will share useful iPhone tips to make the most out of your iPhone.

A word of advice, don’t depend on iPhone jailbreaking since it’s prone to bug issues in the long run. Always do the right thing and download proper iOS upgrade and online pokies game apps. In this post, we’ll share a handful of useful iPhone hacks to enhance your iPhone experience.

Here are some useful iPhone hacks to improve your iOS experience:

1.) Back Up Everything

It’s always a best practice to have a back up storage option for your iPhone. While we already have the convenience of the iCloud, it’s also a good option to have an external hard drive around for privacy and portability. If you don’t have an external storage, you just need to download the app called Phone Disk that you can integrate with iCloud and iTunes.

2.) Hide Apps from your Home Screen

Hide iPhone Apps

Extra icons on your home screen just add to the unwanted clutter you see when you open your iPhone. If you don’t want to delete them, be sure to place them on the Newstand which you can hide as well. Remember to place all of your frequently-used and important apps infront but never place delicate apps like emails and confidential note apps.

3.) Access Numbers Faster

Everyone uses the numerical keypad to type numbers for an SMS message or email. A simple hack would be just to hold the “123” button then slide to the numbers you need. Don’t worry, your iPhone should revert to normal keypad mode.

4.) Customise Notification Sounds for Each App

Sure, you already know how you can have any song as your ringtone and place different tones to a number of stock apps. Another useful iPhone hack would be to have those tones applied to any app of your choice aside from the apps that come with your iPhone. Download iPhone explorer then copy your tones to the right folders.

5.) Check Text Timestamps

iPhone Text Stamps
Swipe left to check on text stamps.

Would you like to check if your SMS messages are sent right away? Swipe left for timestamps to appear. This can come handy especially if you’re having issues in getting network signal. It’s a good habit to always check if your text messages are coming through.

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