How to fix iPhone 6 from not ringing and receiving call- Follow the best 5 tips below

iPhone 6

It happens many a times that your iPhone 6 does not sound and stops ringing and receiving call. You may have raised the volume in the device and even selected the loudest ringtone but still you cannot hear anything. Before you get frustrated here are the solution you can try and hear the ringing again to receive your calls.

1. Activate do not disturb feature

Many a times you may have accidentally turned off the “do not disturb” feature on your iPhone 6. If your iPhone has a “do not disturb” feature turned on, it will mute all the notifications. Also this can be turned on accidentally and will prevent any call ringing, alerts or notifications from using the ringer for incoming calls, apps and iMessages. In other words, you won’t know when you receive a call or a text message.

So make sure this is off. Checking to see if “do not disturb” is on is very simple.  All that you have to do is to take a look on the upper right corner of your device near the battery icon. A little moon will be displayed there if the “do not disturb” feature is enabled.

To activate this feature automatically at certain hours during the day or night, you should go to Settings, Do Not Disturb and explore your options. This will allow you to schedule when you want this feature to be on or off during your day.You can turn the “do not disturb” feature off Try swiping up with your finger to activate the iPhone’s Command Center. Now press on the moon icon and turn of the “Do not disturb” feature. It is very easy now to turn this option off thanks to the implementation of the iOS 7 from Apple.

2. Make sure ring mode is on

You need to set the switch on the side of your phone on “ring” mode. Basically, if the switch itself is turned towards the screen then the ringer is on. On the other hand, if the switch is turned towards the back of your phone then the ringer is off. Make sure that you turn the switch on the “ring” mode to enable your device to ring when you receive calls. Sometimes your iPhone case will accidentally turn on the silent mode.

3. Turn off LTE in iPhone

The LTE feature is located at Settings.  Many users found disabling LTE allow them to hear ringing sound again.   Find out what to do if your device still refuses to ring In some cases, it might be a hardware problem and it needs to be explored in more detail. Even dust, debris and even liquids might reach the ports of your iPhone and the software will actually believe that there is something there. You can try to clean it with any toothbrush and remove debris from iPhone;s ports like the headphone port and the dock connector port. Hopefully this would solve your issue and now your iPhone is not stuck in the “headphone” mode anymore and you can still receive calls

4. Switching off Bluetooth

Turning on and off the Bluetooth feature can sometimes fix the ringing problem. The reason is that Bluetooth can sometimes disable all the sound on your iPhone. To Disable Bluetooth, go to Setting and look for Bluetooth and turn it off.

5. You can try factory reset

If you have tried all the above solution to fix the ringing which goes silent you can also try “Rest All Settings” as this will default back all the setting. Make sure you have a Back up save, so you can revert to it.

If you weren’t able to fix it with the above 5 tips then maybe you should go to the nearest Apple store and they could fix it or repair it.

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