Can’t sync iTunes to iPhone 6- Here is how to

iPhone 6

After upgrading to the latest iOS 9.3.5 or iOS 10 you might have got the following message on your new music “Can’t sync iTunes to iPhone 6” and that can be frustrating. So to listen to your new music and to fix this problem you need to follow few steps as given below to sync your iPhone to iTunes.

First Sync again

First turn off iCloud Music on the iPhone. You need to tap “Setting” on iPhone and “Music” and then turn off the “iCloud Music Library.” -“The shared library” cloud music library” is not responding.

Sync after turning off iTunes Match

Before syncing first make sure that you have turn off iTunes match on the iPhones. To Turn off iTunes Match go to Settings. Then you need to connect your iPhone and launch iTunes again.

Once the device icon at the top of the iTunes window is clicked, you need to select music in the side navigation panel. The next step is to uncheck the sync music option in the right panel and click Apply or Sync. Once the Sync is completed, you’ll need to check the Sync Music box and hit Apply or Sync again.

Sync after turning off “Show Apple Music”

You need to turn off the “Show Apple Music” on iTunes. For this you need to reset the iPhone by holding Power and the Home button. Then go to the iPhone Setting in Music and turn off Show Apple Music. For iTunes look for Edit button and go to preferences and  uncheck Show Apple Music.

Use another USB Port

Sometimes the USB port or the cable is broken. If the USB port or cable is not working, the iTunes transfer of the music could be mess up. Switching the USB cable from one port to another to check if it’s working and use another USB cable. Sometimes cables malfunction can lead to sync errors.

Re-authorize iTunes

iTunes can use a re-authorization to the iPhone to fix syncing problems. First Open up iTunes. and make sure you’re Sign into an Apple ID account On the top menu bar select Choose Account , then go to View My Account and then un authorize iTunes. Also this will show how many device you have connected. In case the iPhone fails to sync with iTunes a greying  Sync button will say “its unavailability”. The computer can simply reauthorized the computer with iTunes in the storage menu.

Turn off iCloud Music Library and iTunes Match

iTunes will not allow syncing of music to iPhone or iCloud Music library in case iTunes Match is turned on. Make sure that iCloud Music library and iTunes Match in the iPhone’s settings using Music are disable. Once this is turn off, the iPhone 6 can be synced with iTunes like normal.

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