World’s Real Flame Smart Candle Now Lights up with Your Smartphone

Ludela Candle

World’s real flame smart candle is now ready to lit up your homes with just the tap of your smartphone. It is not a fantasy but reality that you are going to experience

Smart and safe candle company LuDela has introduced the first real-flame candles that don’t require matches — but just the press of a button on your smartphone to be lit. These candles offer the convenience and increased safety benefits of LED candles, but with the real-flame ambiance and scents of real-flame wax candles.

Recently the US bases company LuDela announced that this candle features unprecedented Wi-Fire technology, ans is the first to feature a real flame that can be lit, extinguished and controlled via a smartphone and eliminates the need for matches or other fire starters. Wow.

The new technology addresses safety and aesthetic concerns that candle burners have faced for centuries, resulting in a safer, more convenient, and hassle-free approach to burning candles that delivers increased peace of mind and enjoyment to users.


According to CEO and Co Founder of LuDela Jamie Bianchini, “There’s nothing quite like the glow, smell, and ambience of candles, but with it comes the fire risk, wax mess, hassles with wicks, and the time it takes to light and extinguish multiple candles and addresses these issues with a smart candle that delivers the convenience and increased safety benefits of LED candles, but with the magic and fascination of a real flame”

The patent pending Wi-Fire Smart Module communicates via Bluetooth to the free app. The app has numerous features allowing one to ignite and extinguish the specially formulated natural wax cartridge with natural, lead- free wicks.

The LuDela smartphone app lights, extinguishes, and controls multiple candles with the touch of a button. Inside the larger candle shell you’ll find smaller wax refills that burn away with a real flame that can be remotely ignited and extinguished. Each one runs on a battery so there are no wires to deal with, and since power is only needed to momentarily ignite a wick, the candle’s can go for a long time before the app lets you know which ones need a charge.

LuDela Candle

With easy to use now you need not constantly having to hunt for a lighter. The LuDela candles might also appeal to those who are uneasy about having an open flame in their homes. Proximity detectors can be activated to automatically extinguish the flame when people, or pets, get too close to the candles, and the same thing will happen if the candles ever accidentally get knocked over while lit. The LuDela base also ensures that hot candle wax never drips onto your furniture, or poses a burn risk.

LuDela Scent candle

With a simple screen tap inside the free accompanying app, you can activate all or some of the LuDela candles in your home without any hassle. You can even personalize the candle according to your mood, colour and environment.

The smart candles are available at an introductory price of $99 at LuDela website with delivery expected in early 2017. This price doesn’t include the refills when it ships early next year. However, a discounted refill monthly subscription will be made available that includes scented options to match the seasons.

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