A day in the life of an iPhone user

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If you’re an iPhone user, your day at home can be much more interesting if you put some smartphone apps to work. Let’s see how your day might go.

Which job is first?

Check out the weather forecast so you can decide whether the inside of outside jobs get preference today. Dark Sky delivers up-to-the minute weather predictions for where you are (including rain warnings), detailed information and an attractive map showing global and local weather patterns.

Now, over to the garage where that woodwork job has been sitting for a month. But wait! Your other half is not at home and the baby needs watching. No problem – activate iSitter as your baby alarm.

In the garage, get iHandy Carpenter on the screen with its five tools in one. Use the plumb bob level tool to check the verticality of those lines and the level of that surface before making the final cuts in that expensive wood. Also, remember to measure accurately with the ruler (just swipe to measure the board that is wider than your screen).

Before you start up that power tool, activate Decibels to gather data about how much noise it makes. Put on earphones if levels are too high.

Take your iPhone shopping

Your other half is back, so you can now make that quick visit to the shops for a few items that you need to finish the woodwork job. Take your iPhone, because you may need WifiMapper to hook you up with free Wi-Fi at the shopping mall. It adds venue information, historical data on connection strength and crowd sourced info on the spot.

Work that home office

Back home, time for some office work before returning to the hands-on jobs. One of the kids somehow made your mouse disappear. No problem – use the feature-rich HippoRemote Pro to turn your iPhone into a wireless mouse. Need some scanning done? Activate Scanner Pro to turn your iPhone into a portable scanner. Scan those invoices and receipts and turn them into PDF files.

Now, return to that house renovation job. Double-check your floor plans with Magic Plan before placing the tile order. Get Magic Plan to re-draw the floor plan by simply taking pictures of the room you’re renovating. Having placed the tile order, pay for it with TransferWise. It’s a cheap way to transfer money internationally with a well-designed app and transparent transfer fees.

iPhone part of the family

The kids have finished their homework and the family decides to watch some home movies. Activate VHS Camcorder, hook your iPhone up to the TV and give the movies a flourish of 1985.

It’s time for a nightcap and some music. Whip out your guitar and get Guitar Toolkit on the screen. One of the older apps in the App Store, Guitar Toolkit is an essential tool for anyone playing guitar. It has an accurate chromatic tuner, metronome, chord library, chord finder and scales and arpeggios instructions for a range of different guitar types.

The last thing before going to bed – set the alarm. On your iPhone, of course. Sleep well!


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