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Pokies is the most played game in Australia on the mobile platform. Online casinos operate from websites where downloads of these games are available, and they are also on offer at the on-line Apple Store. Players can choose between “free” or real money games. The benefit of “free” games is that you can first learn a new game or get some practice with a game before you open your wallet and start playing with real money. The number of iPhone real money casinos are growing and their software does not have to be downloaded to the phone. Instead, using the phone’s browser, games can be played at “instant-play” sites where the software remains on the Intranet and is simply executed on a server somewhere. Paying money and withdrawing your winnings is supported by secure methods and proven technology used on the Internet by the banking industry.


The technology

Did someone mention Adobe Flash? Old news. Limitations on iPhones and iPads with the running of Adobe Flash have been overcome with the newer HTML5 standard for web page rendering. HTML5 is the latest technology in mobile gambling and enables players to use almost any type of mobile device to access and play casino games. This makes iPad and iPhone users very happy, as there is no download needed and the games will instantly load through the web browser on the device. HTML5 technology also allows for a greater variety of games. Sites that use this technology offer more Pokie machines and some casinos offer more than 40 different real money Pokie games.

The applications


Let us look at the applications that bring Pokies to your iPhone. These applications are typically accessible on casino websites such as Casino.com and RoyalVegasCasino.com. They were written with gaming software provided by vendors such as Microgaming, IGT, Aristocrat Technologies, Real Time Gaming, Rival and Slotland. Games range from classic pub Pokies with the traditional three reels all the way through to the latest seven reel games with advanced graphics and detailed bonus games. It is becoming the norm to develop casino applications that will work on any mobile device. This is probably not good news for Apple, a company that seems to love proprietary software that will only run on your Apple device.
On-line or downloaded?
You can play Pokies “on-line” on websites without downloading any software, but also by downloading a fully functional application that will run on your device while you are on the move. You will be required to register on the website (casino) that offers the games. When you play on a website, all your iPhone should need is a “browser” that will display the player interface correctly. When you play a downloaded game, your iPhone must have adequate hardware and it may invoke additional software to run the game’s algorithms and display the player interface.jackpot city iphone

There are some drawbacks of playing on-line without downloading. As these games run on the vendor’s servers, they take up space and this usually results in a smaller variety of games on offer. Sound and video quality may be compromised for the same reason. On the other hand, if you have an iPhone with decent hardware and software, you can choose from a larger variety of games to download – and even play while you are not connected to the Internet. Playing with a downloaded game has other advantages too, for example saving of game progress, instant loading of games without an Internet connection and receiving newer versions as they become available.

Whether you live by your iPhone or iPad, whether you want to play “free” or for real money, whether you are connected to the Internet or not, the world is your oyster when it comes to casino games. Play on!




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