Slots by Waste money on play gambling

Slots by Myhip App
Slots by Myhip App

Slots by is an application available on Apple devices. It is not free, so I would hope it has something more to offer than all the free slot machine applications available. Unfortunately, the application has a number of problems and frequently has customer complaints. Even those who give high ratings are often of the opinion that the application should be free.

Requirements: iOS 4.2 or higher; iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
Name: Slots
Cost: $0.99
Application Size: 1.1 MB
Rating: All versions iTunes rating of 2 stars across 14774 users, current version has made its way up to 3.5 stars with a small sample size of 23 user ratings.
Features: Slot machine with wagers preset to 10 coins. That’s about it.

There are all sorts of free slot machine games available on Apple devices, with options such as battle modes, choice of themes, competitive leader boards, tournaments, etc. There are slot machine applications with excellent graphics, fun little gimmicks, funky music, you name it, there’s probably a free slot machine application out there with it.

Sadly, the description of the Slots application by states that the, “simple slot machine is designed to give you hours (OK maybe a minute or two) of mindless entertainment”. Great. $1 for a minute or two of uninspired gaming. Even though I am reviewing this application, I decided not to bother installing it. Combining the low star rating, the negative comments and the application description that turns you off the game, coupled with the fact that it is partially ad supported despite the fee, I think I’ve seen enough.

Unless you feel like wasting a dollar on seeing what it is that turns people off’s Slots application, I advise you not to purchase this application. There are so many well-developed slot machines with multiple functions and options of gameplay. This Slots application is a bit of a joke, really. I’m surprised that upwards of 15 thousand people have paid for this application. I guess the kinds of people who enjoy playing slots are also the kinds of people to take a gamble on paying for a dodgy application.

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