7 Tips To Make Your iPhone Hacker Safe

Long gone are the days when an iPhone was considered free of any external hacks or viruses. After the latest iCloud hacking case and a Chinese hacker showing us how an iPhone can be hacked using a modified mobile charger, iPhone users have to be more careful than ever before. Using these simple tips, you can make sure that you keep hackers and intruders at a safe distance. But first let us look at a few telltale signs that will help you identify if your iPhone is being remote accessed:

Is Someone Remotely Accessing Your Phone?

If you observe any of the following issues for a prolonged period of time, make sure you contact your nearest Apple service centre immediately:

  • Constant SMS’ with gibberish or unknown characters
  • Your iPhone heats up when not in use and stays heated
  • Battery drains much faster than usual
  • Unusually clicking noise when on calls

If you face any of the above problems, your iPhone is probably hacked. Contact an Apple representative immediately.

How to protect your iPhone

You can follow these simple tips to prevent your iPhone from being hacked:

Fingerprint and Pin Lock

Activate the fingerprint and pin lock immediately. This is not only for your protection against snoopy friends, but hackers as well. Go to “Settings>General>Touch ID and Passcode Lock” for activating a lock. When setting up a pin, do not use common pins like 0000 or 1111 or even your birth year such as 1988. These are easily guessable passwords and are not secure. Just like you have a random ATM pin, this pin should also be random.

Disable SIRI When Locked

If SIRI can be activated when locked, she can give out a lot of personal information to whoever asks the right questions. Disable SIRI on the lock screen by going to “Touch ID and Passcode Lock> Allow access when locked” and turn SIRI OFF.

Do Not Jailbreak

If you jailbreak your iPhone and download unauthorized apps, you are almost certain to get hacked. Moreover jailbreaking an iPhone voids any support you get from Apple. So steer clear.

Turn Off AutoFill

Anyone remote accessing your phone can easily get sensitive details if AutoFill is turned on. Turn off by going to “Settings>General>Passwords & Autofill”

Self Destruct Mode

You can also take extreme measures by turning on Self Destruct mode in the security settings. If a person tries 10 wrong pins, your phone will wipe itself. Make sure you have everything backed up on cloud and your computer before you activate this.


Applications sometimes snoop around your phone. If the app turns out to be a malicious one (very rare) it can access private information. Make sure you check the permissions given to every app that you are using.


Never store sensitive information like passwords and ATM pins on the Notes app. In case of a hack, the first thing a hacker will probably check is your Notes to check for sensitive information.

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