VegasTowers: Invest time in creation

Vegas Towers Apple App
Vegas Towers Apple App

VegasTowers is a much more sophisticated than your average Apple application, with slightly more dynamic graphics and music. The aim of the game is to build a resort skyscraper in Las Vegas. Different rooms and structures can be bought and unlocked to add to the building. The application does appear to have some problems; as soon as I tried to play it for the first time it force closed.

Requirements: iOS 4.0 or higher; compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
Application Name: VegasTowers
Cost: Free
Application Size: 27.5 MB
Rating: Current version iTunes rating of 4.5 stars reviewed by 176 users.
Developer: SiuYiu Limited
Features: A range of 75 different units to select from to build, 150 challenges to complete, deal with various events and problems, compare your tower with other towers that have been built, statistics and goals with keeping neighbors happy are available. English and Chinese languages are available.

The VegasTowers application is quite complex and requires a lot of patience, with loads of options. Both the graphics and building options are extremely detailed and are perfect for those who would like to become absorbed in the game. The application is similar to the Sims, with a completely different style and feels.

Applications that enable the user to create and add to something are surprisingly popular, indicating that people enjoy the satisfaction of construction and find it self-fulfilling. For people who are attracted to these sorts of applications, VegasTowers could prove to be extremely rewarding. However, with minor drawbacks such as the loading time when opening the application and the need to reopen the app when the device locks, some people may just find the application tedious.

Tedious can be enjoyable for certain people. Therefore the VegasTowers application would probably be greatly enjoyable for a niche. The development of this application caters for those who want to invest time into producing something, and has been successful in achieving this. It is quite slow to get started with this application, but once the tower begins to grow a sense of pride and achievement can be discovered.

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