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The Apple application Ace Slots Casino is one of the less irritating slots machine applications available. The noises are less intrusive than competing applications and the graphics are quite basic, with a number of options when it comes to the themes. The classic noises are mild and do not play for too long, even when the user wins a line. The zombie slot machine is particularly well designed, with excellent portrayals of zombie expressions, despite the basic format.

Requirements: iOS 4.3 or later; iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
Application Name: Ace Slots Casino
Price: Free
Application Size: 14.1 MB
Developer: Tiny Mobile Inc.
Rating: iTunes rating of 4 stars, reviewed by 237 users.
Features: Choice of 9 slot machines without the need to unlock, play offline, bonus games, Game Center Leader Board, achievements, free spin prizes, money topped up while playing over time, level progression.

The Ace Slots Casino application is one of the less objectionable slots applications available of Apple devices, as it appears to target those who already enjoy playing slot machines. The sounds and graphics are tolerable, only a small amount of patience is needed to play the game and the choice of graphics are lovely.

The advertisements are also nonintrusive, quietly placed in a bar across the bottom. As the game controls are on the right hand side of the screen, the advertisement bar is not too noticeable.

The application is quite basic and can become very dull very quickly for users who do not greatly enjoy slots machines. There is an option for the user to buy more, ‘Tiny Bucks’, as the play money currency is called, which is for a fee of real money. This does seem like a bit of a waste, considering the user is rewarded with Tiny Bucks periodically. This option may just be for players who enjoy the application enough to want to contribute to the developers as a thank you.

Ace Slots Casino is a good slots application for those who love slot machines, though it does not have enough excitement to attract those who are not already slot machine fans.

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