Gasbuddy App now brings cheap fuel to Australians

Gas Buddy App

Gas Buddy App is now hitting Australians too. This smartphone app is free to dowlaod and will let you use crowdsourcing to hunt down cheap fuel for your vehicles. Already a super hit app in America where the app has been downloaded 56 million times in North America, is now in Australia  and for the first time the app has been made available outside the US and Canada.

The app, available on Android, Blackberry, Windows and iOS,  lets motorists report fuel prices to each other in real-time with the help of location information and a software algorithm designed to ensure information fed into the system is accurate.

Gas Buddy App Features

This App is a kind of money saver  and the world’s leading fuel pricing app that wants to “help you keep the money in the bank and not in the tank” as quoted in the app description.

GasBuddy uses fuel price information provided by r users, outsmarting the pump together. You just join drivers in your area and start saving at your next fill up

The Features of Gas Buddy App

Find the cheapest fuel, no matter the type, near you

  • Find petrol stations by distance or price
  • Chance to win free fuel every day
  • Join others in your community and report fuel prices
  • Earn points for reporting fuel prices
  • Fun weekly challenges to earn more points
  • Save money every time you fill up at the cheapest stations
  • There are Leaderboards in the app to join where you can compete against other gasbuddies by reporting good prices and helping others save money on gas.
  • Also complete challenges to earn points. Pick new challenges every day as well as a weekly challenge.

The Gasbuddy App also  have for you a chance to win $100 in free gas every day. According to users of this app this helped them save $75 on a road trip. You can have this app from iTunes for your iPhone and you need to be 17 years of age to download this on your device. Also this app is compatible with iOS8.0 or later and works well with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

GasBuddy is aiming to have the app in the hands of around 500,000 Australian motorists within a year. It also has a deal in place with taxi industry disrupted Uber to place the app in 50,000 of its vehicles and it plans to spend $36,000 on fuel giveaways to entice motorists to use it.

Gas Buddy App

Unlike many technology companies GasBuddy started a long way from Silicon Valley and its headquarters is located in Canada’s Saskatchewan capital, Regina. GasBuddy started in 2000 as a community fuel price sharing website created by two Canadian university students, Dustin Coupal and Jason Toews.

In 2008 the GasBuddy website was converted into an app and subscriptions skyrocketed. In 2013, petroleum information pricing firm Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) — a subsidiary of business information specialist firm Universal Communications Group (UCG) — acquired GasBuddy in a private deal. UCG was currently funding GasBuddy’s push to go global

The Informed Sources accepted an undertaking to make data, from key clients including BP Australia, Caltex Australia, Coles Express, Woolworths and 7-Eleven, available to motorists in 2016.

While location specific, 30 to 40 entities ranging from large organisations to backyard developers have shown strong interest in feeding that information into a slew of smartphone applications. According to Informed Sources up to 30 entities have expressed interest in using the data and make this app well informed to run smooth in the hands of people.

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