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There are literally thousands of developers out there, all competing to develop popular and useful apps for all smartphone platforms. Apple can claim unique ownership for many apps, developed specifically for the iPhone and iPad. Here’s a glimpse of some of the more useful – or maybe just interesting – ones in the iTunes store. These are all free of charge.

You need an app to shop for an app

Of course, the sensible place for Apple to start was their app store. Users need an app that helps them explore all the products and it obviously is a great marketing opportunity for Apple.

Apple Store kicks in when you launch “App Store” from within iTunes. Here you can shop for Apple’s apps, device accessories and browse trending products. If you’re after a bricks-and-mortar store near you, you can find it’s location in the Apple Store.

Airport Utility manages your Wi-Fi network and airport base stations such as Airport Express, Airport Extreme and Airport Time Capsule. This app gives you a graphical overview of your Wi-Fi network and devices, from where you can change base station and network settings. You can also manage advanced network features such as security modes and IPv6 configuration. Some of the other features may seem a little too advanced for the average user, but the basic view of your network already makes it a useful app.

iTunes U is an app that can change any educator’s life forever. Built primarily for iPad, this app brings a classroom together with lessons built by you with your own materials. It enables you to collect and grade student assignments and have one-on-one or group discussions. Anyone with an iPhone or iPad gets access to a wealth of free world-wide educational content sourced from public courses, leading schools, universities, museums and cultural institutions.

For songwriters, Apple offers Music Memos to help them capture and organize new musical ideas. They can record acoustic guitar, piano, voice or any musical instrument. Ideas can be tagged and rated to build up a library of favourite new song parts and riffs. The more ambitious have the option of sharing recordings to Apple Music Content or GarageBand.

If you’re an Apple fan, you should be impressed with the range of apps developed by Apple. Not all are free, but they may be worth paying a price if they enhance the quality of your life at home or at work.

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