The 4 Best Paid iPhone Game Apps that went free on June 2016

Many a times many useful and wonderful apps are not available free for iPhone users. Apple keeps on updating things and is keen to make iPhone game apps free for so that you can download and play to have fun. Here are the 4 best paid iPhone game apps that went free last month in June 2016

Just follow the link given below each app and download your favourite one on your iPhone and play.

1. Ninja Vs Samurai Zombies

Download Here

Ninja Vs Zombies

Ninja vs Samurai Zombies is a fast paced game for you to play on your iPhone or iPad. You need to take revenge on the evil samurai zombies for destroying your village. By running, slashing and dodging your goal is to kill as many zombies as you can using your Katana and Ninja stars as well as special ninja abilities.

2. BlackThorn Castle

Download Here

Blackthorn Castle

Black thorn Castle is a beautifull designed adventure puzzle game to explore the 14th century Blackthorn Castle, surrounding dark forest and structures and discover hidden passageways, clues and puzzles along the way.  As the tale goes, centuries ago a wizard once lived in this castle and stole a valuable artifact from a local watch maker and hid it away somewhere in the depths of the castle. Now go find the treasures here.

3. Salt and Pepper

Download Here

Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper is a Physics Game full of fun and challenging with realistic drawing. You draw to get the salt and pepper to their bowls. When enough salt and pepper have reached the bowls, a star will appear. The level is complete when all bowls have a star.

4. Fish Out of Water

Download Here

Fish out of watrer

Fish Out of Water is a game where group of fishy friends have adventure longing to soar above the ocean. To help them get airborne, players simply throw their fish of choice right out of the water and watch as it flies through the clouds and skips merrily along the waves
Battle the elements and choose your throw wisely as the weather changes every few minutes. Expect the unexpected with crazy tsunamis, icebergs and even an immense jellyfish swarm. The Crab Crew will score your overall performance, and when objectives are completed, players level up and unlock crystals that can be crafted to unleash awesome bonus powers.

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