Should You Buy an iPhone 7? Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should

Apple has launched the iPhone 7 last week, people are lining up already and pre-orders are piling up, but is it worth your money?

iPhone 7

The new iPhone 7 will be available to the public on September 16, Friday. Apply gave a sneak preview of the latest version of the iPhone last week to select number of publications. The Internet is raving about the absence of the headphone jack and the wireless earbuds, it’s a testament that iPhone 7 will pave the way for a new era not only for Apple but for smartphone technology as well.

People are already lining up to get their hands on an iPhone 7. Pre-orders are also overflowing for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Expect the iPhone 7 to trend on social media as soon as it becomes available to everyone on Friday. We’re wondering what features will trend high on social as well, since this would show what the best feature of the iPhone 7 is.

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you should buy an iPhone through its initial reviews:

1.) Battery Life

iPhone 6 and iTunes

The battery capacity has improved with the expense of omitting the headphone jack. This allowed the battery to occupy more space 5% to be exact, which brings the overall size to 2887mAh. Improve battery life is always a good thing since some users were disappointed with the battery downgrade between iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. Experts say that it’s not a significant improvement but still complements the user experience.

The new A10 processor and iOS 10 are decent additions to improve power efficiency as well. Apple didn’t mention if the iPhone7 has quick-charging capabilities which can be compared again with Android smartphones. Nonetheless, the Intel A10 processor will be a factor on how battery life will enhance the iPhone user experience.

 2.) Augmented Storage

iPhone 7

Storage junkies will rejoice as the iPhone 7 has doubled the basic storage capacity from 16GB to 32GB. The new increased storage is a sign on how large media plays a key role in mobile browsing usage. The new and improved camera also means that photo file sizes will be larger than the usual and the graphics of AR games like Pokémon Go will benefit from this huge improvement for data storage. It’s still pegged at $649 so you get an extra 16GB of free storage.

3.) New and Improved Camera

iPhone camera

Arguably, the new dual camera is the best reason why you should buy an iPhone 7. It’s not really revolutional since HTC and LG have made a similar function available before. However, the iPhone 7 brings the dual camera function to another level. It has 2 cameras with 2 sensors on one mobile device with a wide-angle 28mm lens and telephoto 56mm lens.

The sensors enable the phone to zoom from one view to another without compromising the quality of the photo. A single-lens phone’s zoom function can only be done by artificially stretching the photo to make it seem closer but with poor quality. These sensors also complement better colour reproduction, exposure, tone mapping, white balance, and focus which improve photo and video quality.

4.) Water Resistance Function

The new iPhone 7 can remain operational for up to 30 minutes at a water depth of one metre which gave Apple an officially -recognised IP67 certification for the iPhone’s latest version. Keep in mind that the iPhone 7 is water resistant but not water proof, unless you spend more time underneath the sea talking to fish like Aquaman, don’t strap your iPhone 7 while you’re scuba diving. The water resistance feature is simply a safety function which prevents the unit from being damage when it gets wet.  Check out the video above that shows how iPhone 7 reacts when it’s submerged in liquid.

5.) iOS 10 Upgrade

iOS 10

The iOS 10 upgrade is one of the best-kept secrets for the iPhone 7. It’s not trending like the new dual camera or the absence of the headphone jack, but iOS 10 will be the game-changer in terms of the iPhone 7’s functionality. The upgraded iOS offers new message animations, and has even improved the 3D Touch for quick action and peek & pop functions for apps. The iOS upgrade spells “faster” for users who use their iPhones as a virtual assistant. iOS 10 has improved a number of functions and it’s up to you to find out why this iOS is an important factor for you to purchase an iPhone 7.


So should you buy an iPhone 7 this week or wait for more reviews? The iPhone 7 may sport the same look and feel, but scratch the surface and it has more to offer. It doesn’t feel like a new version of the iPhone but a new Apple smartphone unit. You won’t miss the headphone jack because before we know it, Android smartphones will incorporate the same phone structure.

The iPhone 7 has a lot to offer to different iPhone users. Some people will buy it because of the dual camera feature; others will buy it because it’s more water-resistant. Our best tip is to buy the iPhone 7 if it suits your budget and complements lifestyle as well.

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