Win free cash with new addictive and popular Trivia App on your iPhone

HQ Trivia App

A new app was launched few months back that has now become addictive and popular as it’s giving away free money every day. This app is known as HQ Trivia app which is a live game show asking you trivia questions and you can win cash prizes. This live game show is offered every day at 9pm EDT and at 3 pm EDT on Weekdays.

How to play and win HQ trivia

HQ Trivia App- How to play

HQ trivia game is easy to play . The app broadcasts the 15-minute show at 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. ET on weekdays and at 9 p.m. ET on the weekends.

  • First download the app from iTunes
  • You need to register yourself with your Facebook or Google account. It is TV-style live game show app that lets anyone play for free.
  • Or create a username and  launch the app at one of the only times the games take place.
  • You need to answer all 12 multiple-choice questions correctly, and get a cut of the money in the prize pool.
  • As your game loads you will be welcomed by a well-dressed, bearded, young comedian Scott Rogowsky or any other well know host that jokes about anything he likes and explains quickly the cash prize of the day to win on HQ Trivia.

HQ Trivia app questions

  • After launching the app just before a game begins, you’ll see the counter of players increase. HQ has rapidly grown, from a few thousand concurrent users to nearly 100,000 and more.
  • The total pot for the day is split among all the winners who correctly answer all 12 questions. You have 10 seconds to answer each question using multiple choices shown on the app and for those of you who think it would be easy just to look something up, the limited time frame makes Googling your way to victory very hard. After each question, it cuts back to a live video of the host explaining the answer and cracking a goofy joke and then moving onto the next question.HQ Trivia game play
  • If you get one question wrong, you’re out, though you can still watch and it helps you get a sense of how hard the later rounds get. You are lured into thinking that you might win by the first few questions, which asked things like “What country Havana is the capital of?” and “What MB stands for in computing.” Later questions focus on the scientific names of dinosaurs and the origin of Alcatraz’s name, which weeds out a lot of players.
  • There’s a way to keep going even if you miss a question, though. When you refer a friend to the app, you get an “Extra Life,” which gives you another chance to make it to the end of a round.
  • There’s a live comments area, but it’s generally overrun with juvenile asides and in-jokes. You’re better off swiping it to the right to get rid of it and focusing on the game.
  • On your winning you can cashout the real cash with your PayPal account.

HQ Trivia app was launched in August 2017, comes from the founders of the defunct Vine, and it’s a free app that combines live video, cash prizes, and what’s known as “appointment gaming.” Basically, by offering payouts only at certain times of day, HQ drives a large, active group of users hoping to get a little richer in roughly 15 minutes. While there isn’t much friend engagement in HQ now, the founders recognize the possibilities and thinking about both solo and group play as they move the format forward.

Unlike a lot of gaming apps out there, you won’t see any ads or product placement when you play with this game app.

You can download this free app from iTunes on your iPhone to play the game and requires iOS 9.0 and over iPhone device.

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