Are there any options to buy other smartphones if iPhone X is costlier for me?

Buy more cheaper phones than iPhone X

iPhone X is pretty costlier phone with the price tag of AU$1,579 and is one of the most technologically advanced and desired smartphones of 2017. But not all can afford to have this phone and in that case there are many other good options available which you can try if you want. Also you can save money to be wealthier enough to buy some other useful things in future.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 looks like an ideal rival to the iPhone X and  both smartphones have an identical display diagonal and are equipped with organic matrices produced on the Samsung Display. Also, each device is the manufacturer’s reference solution, available today. When compared with iPhone X the Galaxy S8 has more compact case, larger display area andby far more affordable price AU$999

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Xiaomi smartphone

Made of ceramics this phone is a new development of the Chinese. Being attractive it is already the second representative of the frameless Xiaomi line, which in theory should provide for a smaller percentage of factory defects and, of course, a lower price. In China Mi costs from $ 510, and it’s twice as cheap as the iPhone X. Besides, Mi Mix 2 is made of ceramics and costs AU $556.00 at eBay.

LG V30


LG V30 smartphone is equipped with a 32-bit DAC from B & O Play and it will provide better sound in headphones than the iPhone X. Also due to proprietary software, it acts as a universal device for recording and editing quality video. Priced at A$ 774.00 at shopbot



It’s almost frameless and available anywhere. Moreover, it features durable case and proprietary face identification technology. These specs make the LG Q6 almost the best smartphone even outside its price range of AU$399.

Essential Phone

Essential phone

Due to its spectacular appearance and almost frameless display, it is suitable for the role of an iPhone X analog.

It has an affordable price, a ceramic case and a revamped modular design, due to which you can significantly expand the functionality of your smartphone. Also has 3.5 mm external connectors that are added to the device’s functionality and costs AU$649.

There are therefore many options if you want to save money in case you don’t want to spend more on iPhone X.

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