Six iOS 11 irritating issues that you can fix them in seconds

iOS 11 and fixes

Whenever there is a release of iOS it bring with it number of issues. Lately iOS 11.3 has been released. But for those who are still with iOS 11 and find irritating issues like the ones mentioned below then keep on reading as you can fix them within seconds.

The Night Shift Feature

iOS 11 and fixes- The night shift feature

Night Shift — the feature that helps cut down on the amount of blue light your iPhone or iPad emits — used to have a toggle prominently on the Control Center screen. But you’ll notice that it’s now gone. Well it is not gone but is now hidden in IOS 11 iPhone. To get to this feature back Force Press on the Brightness slider in Control Center, and at the bottom you’ll find toggles for both Night Shift along with the True Tone display feature.

Stop apps asking you for ratings

App rating fix in iOS 11

This is probably one of the things in apps specially the games apps that annoys you the most. Right. Fortunately, Apple now offers users a way to put an end to it. Unfortunately, the setting is buried and unless you know where to look for it, you’ll probably never come across it. So go to Settings > iTunes & App Store and then toggle In-App Ratings & Reviews to off

The auto-brightness setting now moved

Auto  Brightness

In iOS 11 the auto brightness setting moved and is found at Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations. That’s where you’ll find a fair few new display-related settings, including a more intelligent Invert Colors setting (which is actually very nice), and the Reduce White Point switch.

Turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off

iOS 11-WiFi in iPhone

Those buttons on the Control Center panel don’t actually turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, instead they disconnect you from existing devices and networks and prevent reconnection (while still allowing features such as AirDrop and AirPlay to work, and also allowing you to still use the Apple Watch or Apple Pencil).

You have to turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off separately now: by going to Settings > Bluetooth and toggle the switch> Settings > Wi-Fi and toggle the switch

Apple has clarified this a bit by adding some popups and on-screen messages, but this is still has made the process a whole lot more complicated and confusing.

Stop App Store videos auto-playing

iOS 11 and fixes-Auto play

It seems that everything nowadays wants to autoplay videos, including Apple’s own App Store app. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to turn it off, but again, you have to know where to look: visit Settings > iTunes & App Store > Video Autoplay and then tap Off

Screenshot changes

Screenshot in iOS 11

If you take a lot of screenshots in iOS, then you will no doubt have seen the change in the way this works. Now when you take a screenshot, a preview appears in the lower left hand side of the display. You only need to click on it if you want to edit the screen capture, otherwise it will disappear after a few seconds. Your screenshot still be saved to your camera roll as normal.

Any more of issues you can fix do share.

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