The Best 8 Updated and New Apps for iPhone you can Download Today

The best eight updated and new apps for iPhone you can download today

Each month new apps are released at app store. At present there are over a million apps for iPhone and it becomes impossible to know which suits your needs the best. If you wish to know the new and updated apps to download today then here are the best eight apps you can have right now.

1. Physiology Animations

physiology animations

This app is all free which offers 3D video reference that can serve as an essential companion for core physiology knowledge.  There are 14 free videos to start, with more available via in-app purchases. Subtitles are available in 7 languages namely English, French, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, or Italian. The app offers a complete list of 115 animations giving you an engaging three-dimensional view of common physiological ailment, with animations showing you exactly what’s happening. Like what actually happens in an ACL tear, or what goes on inside patients as cholesterol builds up.

2. Flo

Flo app

Flo is easily the best video editor and movie maker app ever.  Now with updates you can have this app for free. Flo uses Machine learning & AI to understand what is happening in your videos and puts together cinematic video stories ready to be shared. Flo makes it quick and easy for anyone to create professional looking video edits on-the-go. Flo automatically adds great foot tapping music and syncs your edit to its beats. Flo also adds Cinematic filters automatically which makes your videos a delight to watch.

To get the app started, just tap the microphone button and speak, saying something like “Make me a video of my trip to the beach.” Flo will ask if you want it to pull material from a particular date range, and then it’s off to the races. While Flo can handle editing on its own, you can also tap to choose what sort of content you actually want in your video, based on the tags that Flo generates. Also Flo handles music soundtrack on its own.

3. Taskful


Taskful is a smart to-do list and task manager app that helps you stay on track and meet your deadlines. It breaks down all of your tasks and only shows you what you need to do today, so you can stay focused and motivated. Whether you are trying to track your steps, drink more water, or read that book you haven’t picked up in a while, Taskful is designed to help you get stuff done. This app is not free and you will need to buy this upgraded version at AU $1.49

4. SoundBite


This is social networking free app from Popsugar. If you are struggling to remember a great movie quote or wish to create short audio clips within the app, then this app is for you. You can organize and make soundboards for quick thoughts on a particular topic, or one for movie quotes, or any number of different topics. You can find clips from your friends in the primary SoundBite feed, while the notifications tab fills you in on who has followed you, who has liked your soundboards or clips, and more.

5. Roadtrippers

Road trippers

Roadtripper app is not new but has updated with lots of features. You can have this app free from app store  and plan your next big cross-country road trip. Find popular stops along your route, outdoor activities, and great local restaurants that you might have otherwise missed. You can plan out your trips in the app, then share them with your friends, who can add suggestions to your plan. Your saved trips will sync between your iPhone and the Roadtrippers website automatically so you can always look up where you’ve been and where you’re going no matter which device you’re using.

6. Gas Buddy

gas buddy

Gas Buddy is another updated app from Apple that can help you a lot in savings. You can find the locations of gas stations across your route. The app helps you find the cheapest tank of gas around, letting you compare prices for all of the gas stations in your vicinity. You can sort by fuel type, distance, and price to find the best deal for you. Rate stations as you travel in order to let your fellow travelers know the best places to fill up.

7. Yonder


Yonder is another free app now updated with new features. With this social app you can connect with people and places, and get inspiration for your next outing. You can share geo-tagged images on Yonder, which makes it easy to find information about the places those photos were taken so that you can plan your own trip into the wilderness. Find tips, destination information, and more from your fellow explorers, and take and post your own photos of your excursions.

8. Day One

Day one

Day one is another app that you can get from app store which lets you make quick journal entries. Apart from text you can include photos, location, the current weather, and even what you’re listening to. With the new Day One Premium subscription service, get syncing with unlimited encrypted journals, as well as access to new features that Day One has in development. You can secure your memory, preserve every moment of your life and later recall and feel nostalgic with your entries. At the time of writing this app was free but you need to check at the app store of its purchase price if having app purchase.

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