You can make feature films with your iPhone- This is how Detour was shot

detour film

Recently apple shared a short film called ‘Détour’ which was shot on iPhone by French director Michel Gondry who is known for indie movies like The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science of Sleep. The film is available on Apple’s French site and on its UK and French YouTube channels.

You will love to watch this 11 minute film which was captured entirely on an iPhone and funded by Apple. The story is emotional and as well as comes with a happy ending. The main character of the film is a tricycle that falls off of a car as a family heads out on vacation. The tricycle paddles itself alone on the journey to find its owner a little girl.

Detour film shot with iPhone

Crossing roads, bridges, mountains and ocean, the tricycle encounters a wide range of colorful characters and experiences some emotional moments. On reaching close to its owner it sees that the little girl already has been given a cycle as replacement by her dad. The tricycle moves back slowly and sadly seeing that its owner may now no longer need him. But all of a sudden a fisher men who had found this tricycle on his net of fishes from the ocean brings his grandson of the same age of that little girl (previous owner) and gifts this tricycle to him. With happy ending the tricycle has a new rider the little boy and shows life is to move on.

Travelled by detour theme this film was entirely shot with iPhone showcasing the best of video shooting features of the iPhone.  Détour is accompanied by six additional short tutorial videos that give a behind the scenes look at the filming and offer up some video capturing tips for iPhone users. Topics covered include “A cinematic touch,” “Time-lapse,” “Stop motion,” “Slo-mo,” “Night scenes,” and “Perspective tricks.” Apple screened Détour at the Marché Saint-Germain Apple Store in Paris in June 2017. Michel Gondry making of this film talks a lot about the future of cinema with iPhone.

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