Stay alive with your iPhone


It seems there are iPhone users who find it a challenge to survive with their smartphone. This post is not meant to raise any alarms about how your much-loved iPhone may turn on you and explode in your face. Remember – the cases of iPhones exploding are far and few in between. Those that are reported, anyway. Some cases are extreme, though, like the Hong Kong couple whose house burnt down after an iPhone caught fire while charging.

Many causes of iPhones overheating and exploding are batteries that malfunction due to a bad connection. Believe it or not, in some cases it was found that users left their phones in their back pockets and then sat down. It doesn’t take rocket science to realise that even an iPhone cannot deal with that kind of pressure. A severely bent case will cause shorts in the battery connections. Even just having the phone in a tight pocket and bending over has caused explosions in some cases. It is debatable if Apple will respond to these challenges by making the iPhone case sturdier, or discontinuing bottom of the range models with casings mad of cheaper materials. Maybe the lesson is to get that solid gold or platinum model after all, even if it costs thousands of dollars. At least you can have it in your pocket while going through your gym routine, or during that wresting match when you don’t want to miss a call.

Pregnant iPhone

More interesting are the cases of expanding batteries. Imagine your iPhone doubling in size, like being pregnant. That can only lead to an inevitable conclusion – whatever’s inside must eventually come out and in the case of the iPhone, it’s the swollen battery that has in some cases burst the seams of the phone. It’s not always clear what causes a swollen battery. It could be overcharging or a case of the user charging it without the correct charger meant for the phone. An airline passenger recently tried to “open a door for fresh air” while in flight. That convinces me that you will find iPhone users who think they can charge their phone with a car battery charger.


It makes sense to take some basic precautions in these matters. For example, to avoid a fatal shock, avoid talking on your iPhone while it is charging. Another thing is to use the correct charger – not your mate’s slightly different model that still fits your phone’s plug or a cheap and nasty charger that you bought at the flea market. Also, do not try to fit a battery that is not meant for your specific iPhone model. Here I’m also convinced that you will find cellphone users who think they can force a Samsung smartphone battery into an iPhone casing. There are crazy people in this world. The last tip is to un-plug your charger as soon as your iPhone is charged. Chargers are supposed to stop charging once the battery is full, but rather not rely on that. There are examples where iPhones overheated due to overcharging.

Cheers! Here’s to staying alive with your iPhone!


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