iPhone10 new features we can expect to see

iPhoine 10

Apple’s iOS 10 is expected to go public around September 2016. How will Apple’s new iOS lifecycle be continued with the iPhone10? Here’s a list of what’s expected, judging from comments out there.

Although they cannot be uninstalled, users will be able to hide pre-installed Apple apps that they don’t use, e.g. such as Stocks, Game Center and Tips.

A new security system that Apple is working on called “Rootless”, will make the OS impossible to jailbreak. Jail breakers gain access to parts of the system that they would normally not be able to interact with.

Turn up the heat

A HomeKit-focused app, maybe called “Home”, which will likely be a standalone app that enables control of home appliances via an iPhone.

A new feature of Siri will allow your virtual assistant to listen to your callers leaving a message and transcribe it into text. The iCloud voicemail is expected to replace standard voicemail, with a feature that allows users to quickly glance at and read voicemail messages that have been converted to text.

I’m watching you!

Users will be able to view at a glance whether their contacts are available for a conversation, e.g. if their phone is in flight mode, and where they are located.

An extension of Night Shift entails a radical, system-wide interface redesigned for nighttime. Instead of basing the interface around the colour white, it would be based around black, which is a much easier colour scheme to see and use at night.

Ignore that network

The iPhone10 will be able to automatically turn Wi-Fi on or off depending on your location. It will remember the location of known networks and activate Wi-Fi in order to join them, but when you leave the area, it will turn Wi-Fi off. Constant Wi-Fi re-connecting while a user is moving around is a major battery drain, so this feature should contribute handsomely to power saving.

A new folder, similar to the Recycle Bin in Windows, could be introduced to store all deleted apps, so they can be easily found if a user needs to re-install them.

Professional videography

The OS will have the ability to change video resolution inside the camera app, which means there’s no need to close the camera first to change them in Settings.

A new multi-tasking mode will allow a user to easily quit all open apps with a single swipe, instead of closing them one by one.

These are just some of the exciting features we can look forward to for the iPhone10. Apple never disappoints with new iOS releases and it would be interesting to see which of these actually make it into the iOS10.



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