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Which iPhone model you have? With the release of latest iPhone model the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus you must be thinking of having the new device in your pockets. But at the same time you must be having in mind what to do of your old iPhone device. Here you will find and learn few security tips and suggestions that might be useful to you if you are making plans to sell your old iPhone.

Take the Backup

Tip number one before selling off your iPhone is to take a Back up. You must either take a back up of your important data that you have in your device or if your data is not so useful you should delete it. Obviously you will not wish to have your personal information go into unknown and strange hands. If taking a back up then make sure that you have it saved and stored either on iCloud , Google or on your PC/laptop.
You are using iOS 5 or later would help your data to be automatically picked up by iCloud once every 24 hours. The only thing required here is to connect your iPhone to a WiFi Network, plugged in to a power source and screen locked.
If you wish to do it manually for your backup to be stored on iCloud then go to Settings-iCloud-Storage and Backup. After completion of the backup do not forget to deactivate the iPhone from your iCloud account. For this to happen you just need to go to, select the iPhone you are selling and choose Remove from Account. You can also manually back your iPhone to a PC, Mac or laptop via iTunes. To do this right click on your iPhone in iTunes under Devices and click Back Up. Wait until the process is finished asthis could take a while of time depending on the amount of content on your iPhone.

Resett your iPhone

The second important tip is to resetting your iPhone. In this simple step you just have to go to Settings-General-Reset-Erase All Content and Settings. This will completely delete your phone data and reset it to its out-of-the-box factory default settings.

Unlock your phone

Unlocking phone is to be done by requesting a network unlock from your carrier to get maximum profit for your old iPhone. Newer Verizon 4G LTE devices are network unlocked out of the box, but for older iPhones you may need to double check with the carrier.
The unlocking policies differ in countries but still your wireless provider will hardly refuse to unlock your phone from its network if the device is yours and fully paid for. Once an unlock is complete, your old iPhone will no longer be bound to the carrier from which you bought it although differences in CDMA and GSM technology mean not all devices will work on all networks.
You will have still to check with your carriers for more information on this. If you have had bought your iPhone directly from Apple and got it already unlocked, then you need not worry for this before selling your old phone.

Find the Best Place to Sell

The Fourth Tip is find the best place to sell your iPhone. Your choice of leaving the price for the bidders of your device then eBay auctioning is a good way. You have to make sure you that you include your iPhone model type, carrier, color, and on-board storage. It’s a better to start your auction a bit lower than the current going rate of similar models that already have bids running on them. Just because someone is willing to go as high as $500, doesn’t mean they’re willing to start there. Also you need to see the ongoing trend like how a silver/ gold model is more likely to sell for more than a black one.
Look at the current rate that is going on at eBay. As an example what is the selling rate for a 16 GB model for a year old iPhone 6 device. Remember eBay prices are subject to change. You search for other models of your type currently being sold and price your device accordingly. Also pack the iPhone neatly to make it look as an original packing. If you have still saved the packing the box, use it. Also out in all the original accessories, or lower the price if you don’t have them.

Benefit from Business Stores

This fifth tip can be beneficial. There are online businesses that make selling your old phones very easy. The only thing that you need is to send them your photocopy of your ID before they can take your old phones. As an example you can sell at Gazelle. Here you can buys and sells electronic goods including your iPhone. Gazelle will ask you to answer a few questions about  your iPhone model and condition of your handset, after which Gazelle will present you with an offer. And if you are satisfied with it you can ship your item to Gazelle free of charge and you’ll receive payment either by check, PayPal or as an Amazon gift card. Other such online shops are Glyde and Usell. You can try whichever suits you best.
Have your profit in sale and share your experience where and how you found your perfect customer.

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