Need some space on your iPhone- Do it with iCloud Photo Library

Many a times you must have seen that your iPhone apps closees without any notification or warning. Also you will find that the text messages start showing up in the Notification Center but not in the Messages app itself. You must be wondering as what might have happened to your iPhone.

Actually it is the sign that the available storage in your iPhone is filled and has no space left to accommodate any other app. It is not surprising to know that most of the space in the mobile devices be it your iPhone or iPad it is the photos and the videos that take the space much more than anything else.
Storage Full Screen

The only way to have some space is to either upload these photos to your PC or to delete them. But need not worry as the feature called iCloud Photo Library serves as the best mode of handling this situation.

iCloud Photo Library is part of the newly-launched iCloud Drive product that Apple announced alongside iOS 8.

To enable iCloud Photo Library on your iPhone

  • Launch the Settings on your iPhone .
  • Tap on iCloud.
  • Tap on Photos.
  • Turn On the option for iCloud Photo Library at the top

Settings Screen

If you’ve been syncing photos through iTunes, you’ll get a warning saying those photos will be removed. Photos for OS X will make sure those same pictures and videos are still available to you, as long as you’re using it, but keep in mind you’ll no longer be able to sync over a cable. iCloud Photo Library will be managing all your pictures and videos, and making them all available to you, from now on.

Supplanting (but not replacing) My Photo Stream, iCloud Photo Library allows an iPhone, iPod or iPad user running iOS 8.1 to back up his or her entire photo collection, in full quality, to the cloud. Every iCloud user gets 5GB of free storage, and higher storage tiers begin at few dollars per month for 20GB, rising to $3.99 for 200GB and $9.99 for 1TB.

Once you have iCloud Photo Library enabled, all you’ve got to do is follow these steps to optimize your storage where photos and videos are concerned —

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Tap on Photos & Camera.
  • Tap on Optimize Storage.

iCloud Settings

The iCloud Photo Library will switch to only storing storage optimized versions of your photos and videos. It may take some time in order for any changes to be apparent so give it a while to update your library. This is when you have a lot of photos to store.

Watch the awesome feature of iCloud !

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