iPhone support by Apple seems to be abundant


Owners of iPhones cannot complain about a lack of support on offer from Apple.  The iPhone support website offers quite extensive help under various topics.

“Setup” provides guidelines for topics ranging from setting up the device, signing up for an Apple ID to use iCloud and the iTunes store and setting up Wi-Fi connections.

“Using iPhone” includes a link to the user guide, which is not just a PDF document, but a neatly laid out set of pages according to an index on the left. The index covers basics as well as the use of the phone in a business context and specifics guidelines for various standard applications.

“Messages and Mail” includes the setting up of an e-mail account, the use of iMessage and FaceTime, and help with messaging problems. (The details of creating and sending messages and mail are covered in “Using the iPhone”.)

“Backup” not only explains the basics of backing up and restoring your phone contents, but also explains the backup options: iCloud, iTunes or a computer.

“Repair” seems to plug all the gaps in case your iPhone breaks. There are guidelines for getting help on specific topics like a broken screen and battery problems. The page offers links to Apple Support articles, the iPhone Support community and Apple’s warranties and repair terms. Once you have a repair going, you can check its status on this page.

If all else fails, there is always the “Contact Support” option. Here, you can make contact depending on whether your problem concerns your local carrier, service and repair options, or warranty and pricing in your country. You also have access to worldwide support contacts, details of any complimentary support you qualify for, and the AppleCare+ support plan for iPhone.

It seems Apple has the iPhone support sorted out and it looks impressive. The only way to see if it really works is to try it out, so now you know where to go when you have a problem with your iPhone.



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