5 Pubs in Melbourne with iPhone Charging Stations

iPhone Charging Stations

With the release of new Apple unique smart battery case to ensure the extended battery life of different iPhone models, a new phone recently launched by Oukitel K10000 has a 15-day battery life.  It’s not that popular compared to iPhone, LG, and Samsung models. However, it has the most amazing system compared to these commercialized phones.

Though it is an Android smartphone with a 5.5-inch display has a giant battery costing $240. But still when coming to batteries of mobile phones and so many apps running behind the screen your phone tend to lose battery in hours of time. This is very aweful when you are doing some important things and in the middle of it you move close to blackout of your phone screen.

Though there have been many charging stations being opened in the Melbourne city be it airport, university, shopping malls or streets but when we speak of pubs you get a bit confused as why some pubs allow and let you charge your phone and some do not.

It is not that pubs do not have  electrical sockets or chargers but they do not wish to spend time attending to the charging phones and worrying about locating you in case you forget them to pick up after the charge.

With fast advancement of technology there are devices to cope with this situation too. Many pubs now have to believe that drinkers won’t leave so quickly if they charge their phones and this is profitable to their business as the customer might order more food and drinks at pubs.  Therefore many pubs have set up a phone charging station so that customers can make sure their phones are topped up.

Telecom companies and many charging solutions like charge tech,  go charge now, Charge bar, also Tesla and Dicgo charger devices are now fast moving to pub tables for the benefit of visitors.

These charging systems are designed for cafes, restaurants, venues and bars, gyms, shopping centres and cinemas allowing customers and patrons to move about freely, while giving their phone a much-needed charge.

Here are the following 5 pubs in Melbourne that provide phone charging stations for iPhones and other mobiles

1. Workshop


Workshop, at the corner of Elizabeth and A’Beckett streets, lies above a shop, up a heavily graffittied staircase. The motorcycle-workshop-turned bar has retained a good deal of its industrial character, but it also boasts a lovely deck filled with houseplants and sunshine. with plenty of windows, though lacking a roof, which lends the best part of Workshop a nicely ruinous feel.

It sits in an area of the CBD with a shortage of decent bars, which is reflected in the diverse mix of drinkers often a smattering of DJs or graffiti artists. There’s a steadily revolving selection of art for sale around the walls, and industrial clutter re-purposed as sculpture serves as a permanent reminder of the building’s past.

Workshop is huge on music: the sound system plays a constantly changing and eclectic array of anything from reggae to indie rock, and the venue frequently plays host to local and touring MCs and DJs. Although it’s a calm spot for an afternoon beer by day, by night Workshop changes character: the music is loud, and red lighting deepens the vague sense of claustrophobia created by the many sharp angles and hidden nooks that make up the interior. The bar menu is more or less restricted to dip plates, Margherita pizzas and bags of Twisties and if you’re driving not drinking, coffee and T2 teas are available.

2. The Toff in Town

The Toff in Town

The toff in town is the best bar in Melbourne with great atmosphere. It is Curtin House’s dark, glamorous second-floor bar and a CBD mainstay. Opened by Camillo Ippoliti the space features a multipurpose band room and dark and inviting main bar, divided by the reception and coat check. The Toff has been integral to the reinvigorated live-music scene in the CBD, hosting local and international acts from the well known to the obscure in a comfortable, stylish and approachable setting.

With fantastic food menu like Cheese tomatoes and butter corns and fantastic drinks, Thai-inspired warm and cold share plates, curries, toasties and light desserts (Mains from $20 to $40) it has a spacious outdoor area at the rear, and the communal front balcony facing onto Swanston Street. The bar is always crammed with lots of people. You can hire a booth for a great night out eating and drinking. You can also enjoy music at the bar while you gossip among friends. You will never feel lonely at this bar.

3. Loop Bar

Loop Bar

This bar is cool, with lovely  staff and colourful graphics thrown around a large screen. Private functions and meetings also have become part of the bar. You can enjoy best of food at $60 per two people meal.

The rooftop bar, which is accessible via a rather long staircase located next to institutional Loop Bar, has the same experimental air as its ground-level bar. The cocktail list focuses on earthy floral, herbal and vegetable flavours rather than the sticky sweet bases typical of tropical cocktails. Also on offer is punch, a selection of “hard iced teas” and vodka-based snow cones. A cocktail or two can work up one’s appetite, which can be satisfied with a selection of snacks from the rooftop kitchen.

4. The Carlton


You’ll never find yourself alone in the Carlton Club. This is worthwhile pub on Bourke Street mall, it’s usually busy with a clientele ranging from girls in cocktail dresses to bogans in their best Ed Hardy shirts. But there’s another, quieter company that’s often looking over your shoulder – a collection of exotic animals, dead, stuffed and adorning the walls of every room. It’s hard to imagine where they all came from, but they’re certainly eye-catching: there are peacocks and parrots, shadow boxes filled with specimens biological and botanical and an ostrich wearing an enormously long pearl choker. Evenings, particularly in the winter, are when the wildly over the top Carlton Club décor begins to make sense. The deep-backed, rounded booths are perfect for frittering away the hours over cocktails and the music, though loud, is usually unobjectionable.

5. Bar Americano

Bar Americano

Bar Americano concept was born out of foreign demand; well-heeled Europeans discovered these liquid delights in the Jazz cities of Chicago and New York. If you do manage to squeeze in – there’s room for only about ten people – you will experience “table” service for your corner of the world there are no actual tables, or chairs for that matter. Try the Bobby Burns cocktail at $23, which on paper sounds simple at three ingredients, but has deep complexity from the mixture of vermouth, whisky and Benedictine stirred over hand-cut ice before it is served up in a perfectly chilled antique glass.

As for that caffeine hit, Bar Americano has a serious coffee set-up, but they only serve it black or full-fat and white. You’re invited to lean, but never to linger. For cocktail nerds and enthusiasts alike, there is no judging from head bartender Hayden Lambert and his team.

You need to ask the staff at these bars for charging your phones. As more and more pubs and bars all over Australia becoming aware of just how much easier it  is for them to accept payments through a smartphone and run a business more efficiently they are procuring the charger devices at their places.

Lately it was in the news that DiscGo Charger is soon coming to Melbourne too as it has already made its place in Sydney. Hope to find most of these places with such a utility for the Aussies who love to be carefree and enjoy their life.

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