Earn Money with These iPhone Apps – The Best 6 Apps on Your iPhone that will Make you Money

Apps for free money iPhone

Wanna earn money with your iPhone? It’s simple. You can  earn money and rewards on your iPhone by using these best apps.

Earn iTunes gift cards, Paypal cash, Clash of clans gems and more. Now learn how to download these apps and what you can do and earn in the following simple steps mentioned below for all the five apps.

1. Feature Points App

Feature Points

1. Download Get Featured Points on your iPhone

2. Earn points by downloading free apps, and trying them for a couple of minutes

Feature point

3. Click on the ‘Download for iPhone’ given under Try free apps, get rewards as shown below

Feature point download

4. When you get into the page click on start earning rewards

Feature Point- Earn Points

5. You will find amazon gift cards, iTunes gits cards, Apps tore gift cards, Starbuck gift cards and many more on your iPhone screen.

6. Now click on download the feature points app and install

Feature points- Download

7. You will see featurepoints app icon on your iPhone screen once install is done

Feaure point app icon

8. Click on that icon and press trust to go further. Trust means it is safe and secure and approved by Apple

Feature point trust

9. Next click on Install as shown below to install its profile on your iPhone as it shows that you have really tried those apps.

Feature point install app

10. Hit Install again as shown below and it will bring you again to the features point app

Feature point install

11. Now click and Agree to the Terms as shown below

Feature point terms

12. Now you are ready to earn and have already earned 50 points by just using their URL upto this step of installation. Now move further again to earn more points by downloading apps.

Feature points apps

13. Download free apps and redeem points. (developers actually pay for these apps to be sponsored) so keep on adding points by using these apps for few moments (approx 30 seconds). Once you have done that trying the free app for few moment then exit the app and go back to features points

14. You will see the app is loaded and you have points added to redeem.

15. There are lots of apps featured daily which you can just download and try for less than a minute and have points.

16. You can got to rewards section and  swap your points for rewards, including iTunes, Amazon, and Starbucks gift cards, and PayPal payments.

2. CheckPoints App

With this app  you can check your favorite Stores to Earn Gift Cards

Checkpoints app
  1. Download CheckPoints  or from iTunes storeOnce you have the app installed on your iPhone open the app
  2.  Now allow checkpoints to access your location
Checkpoints Location
4. Now click Get Started and sign up for your account.
Checkpoints started
5. Now just get points by checking your location like home, work etc as given below( 2 points for each).
Check locations
6. Also you can get check points by scanning things with a scanner or watch videos. 7. You can redeem rewards by selecting a reward as your favourite. 8. You can also sign up with facebook or your email address. When signing with email address you can use Promo Code: appfind to earn 50 more points. 9. On the screen you will find “I have a bonus code”.
Check point code
10. Enter code ‘appfind’ and get your 50 points 11. Once done click for continue to verification as shown above 12. Enter your phone number and it is done 13. Once done you will find the checkpoints app on your screen and you can check in your points, watch videos, look for hot deals in coupons or refer to your friend and get rewards and sweepstakes too.

3. AppDown

App Down

Earn PayPal Cash for Downloading Free Apps Accumulate as much cash as you want and redeem it straight in your Paypal account

  1. Go to this URL in your mobile browser
App Down in Mobile

2. Once you register on this app and sign up (you can even do so with your Facebook account) you will find many offers on different apps to earn points.

App Down Offers

3. Install the app you wish and redeem dollars (yes Dollars in your paypal account)

4. Remember you have to try the apps for at least 2 minutes and earn points/ dollars to redeem

4. iBotta

Earn PayPal Cash Back when you go Grocery Shopping

  1. Download iBotta from the app store and get iBotta
  2. Install the iBotta app and get yourself registered
iBotta app

3. Register your account with Facebook or email.

4. When using email address you can apply the bonus code ‘ikew’ to redeem instant points for yourself

5. Once done you will see latest deals for you and get instant rebate when you buy those products

5. AppNana

App Nana

Earn Clash of Clans Gems, Gift Cards, PayPal Cash, & More for Downloading Free Apps

  1. Go to this URL in your mobile browser: http://appnana.com/appfind
  2. Register yourself and create an account for sign up
  3. When registering with your email address you can use Promo Code: a445859 to get instant points.
  4. Once done you will have more than 10, 000 nanas to browse
App Nana

5. Now go an having more nanas and get prizes, rewards and offers to redeem

6. Get any paid app for free. Redeem Amazon, iTunes, Goole Play and Xbox gift cards.

6. GetGiftz

Earn iTunes Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards & More for Downloading Free Apps & Watching Videos!

Get giftz app

1. Download GetGiftz o your iPhone

2. Register yourself like you did with other apps and install

3. When you register with your email address you can use bonus code Appfind and get instant points

4. Complete simple tasks and earn points.  Redeem your points for a free Gift Card.

5. Share GetGiftz with your friends to earn even more points. Invite your friends for more points. Your friends will also receive a welcome bonus.

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