Vegas Aces Slots App

Vegas Aces slots is an amazing pokie app developed and brought to us by Prestigious Gaming. The pokie was developed a while back but was only brought onto the itunes store for Apple products in more recent times.

The latest version of the Vegas Aces slots was published in the itunes Apple store back on the 30th May 2012. The pokie is 31.5 mb in size, so will not take masses of space and it also comes in only an English language format. The minimum age for this pokie is 12 as there is a 12+ age rating.

The Vegas Aces Slots works on the ipad, ipod touch and iphone so you have the ability to play on pretty much an Apple based device.

The Vegas Aces Slots is based on a Vegas theme as the name suggests. The game itself is illuminated in lights of varying colours; you could say it’s a neon light extravaganza. The game itself is easy and fun to play too.

The symbols to look out for in this pokie are the spades symbol with 21 across it, the pokie symbol with free spins across it, the poker symbol, the roulette symbol and the bonus symbol, you can expect to see the usual high card symbols too.

This is a highly enjoyable pokie that delivers great game play and keeps many busy for hours on end. The bright lights on a dark background, mixed with the Vegas style symbols really does bring something special to your iphone/ipad or ipod gaming style.

Prestigious Gaming has truly developed and unleashed a brilliant pokie in Vegas Aces Slots and because of this many are finding this a truly wonderful game to play. There are plenty of positive reviews for this application saying how many hours of fun people are having playing this pokie.

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