Lucky Slots Pokies App

Lucky Slots is offered to the masses by Blue Shell Games, LLC. This game was initially launched on Facebook where it was a massive hit, so much so that Blue Shell Games, LLC decided to take the initiative and launch the same game through the Apple itunes store.

When launched on Facebook the Lucky Slots game became the number one game on Facebook for slot machine, many loved the game and it was enjoyed by millions. Now it’s been launched for Apple based products many more are enjoy it.

Lucky Slots offers you a wealth of Vegas style excitement and even gives you more than one pokie to play, this means you will never tire of enjoying this great game. This game offers amazing and crisp graphics and sound, so you can be enveloped in your own gaming world.

As well as the graphics and sound, Lucky Slots also offers the opportunity to unlock a new slot machine, mini games and bonus games too meaning there is all to play for whilst enjoying this app.

Unlike many Applace itunes applications, the Lucky Slots game has been launched as a free game. That’s right you can download the Lucky Slots game for free and play to your heart’s content.

The Lucky Slots games is available on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, it requires iOS 4.1 or later to be able to work. As shown, this application allows you to play it on pretty much any Apple product as long as it has the required iOS. The game is only 19.4 mb in size so fits neatly onto any Apple based product.

In essence, Lucky Slots is a brilliant online casino game that you can download for free to play whenever you wish, the only thing you need to do this is an itunes account and an Apple based product.

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