The six best apps to secure your iPhone data

The six best apps to secure your iPhone data in 2020

Security and safety is a big issue these days when you use your smartphone loaded with so many kidns of apps. You may never know that when and where as well as how someone might get access to your mobile and get hold on all your important data.

Though Apple mobile iPhone is considered the best one for safety and security with latest technology used for accessibility of your iPhone like Face ID or Touch ID,  but still you can take precautionary measures yourself to keep your privacy and mobile data safe. There are many such apps at app stores that help you in maintaining your security. Here are the six bet apps of such kind that you can download on your iPhone in 2020 to be on the safe side for your data and mobile content.

1. Photo Vault

Photo Vault

To keep your photos safe you can use this Photo Vault app. This app is designed to protect your photos and videos.  You can set a secret code that provides access to hidden photos, videos, and notes. You can upload files from cloud and system folders into your secret storage. Note that only the first 20 files in the album are available in the free app version, it is possible to import the rest of them, but they will not be available for viewing.

Create hidden photos and videos right in the app. They will not be visible in ‘Photos’; Set additional passwords to access some albums. Also set a false password opening a separate storage where you will be able to create a different set of images/files and keep your main storage safe.  Finally, you can further secure your content by choosing a folder password, a gesture password, and Touch ID or Face ID.

The basic app is free; an ad-free version with unlimited storage costs AU$5.99.

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2. Locker

With Locker, you can secure photos, videos, notes, files and apps. You first create a PIN to secure your storage.  You can then add an existing photo or video from your library or snap and store a new one. Some devices also allow you to choose specific apps to hide so no one else can see them on the Home screen.

You can only access your Locker with your PIN or Fingerprint with TouchID. You will not be able to access your Locker if you choose not to set up TouchID and you forget your PIN.  Locker includes an optional auto-renewable subscription (Locker Premium Pass) to access current and future premium categories. The premium pass costs AU$2.99 and Locker premium costs AU$14.99

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3. Secret Photos KYMS

Secret Photos KYMS

Kyms is an inviolable vault that allows you to hide and encrypt multimedia files, documents, passwords and much more with military grade security (AES Encryption). Kyms is the only App on the Store that decrypts files in real time, without any waiting! By tapping on a video, for example, it will start immediately and the decryption will continue in background.

The KYMS Premium package, available as in-app purchase, lets you hide and encrypt also, Contacts: you can import your phonebook contacts or create new hidden contacts,  Tasks: with expiration date and three priority levels, Cards: Credit cards or any other type of cards, with enhanced barcode reader, Recordings: You can also record audio files while your device screen is locked and any paper document: thanks to the multipage scanner with automatic page detection.

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4. Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault is another app designed to safeguard your photos and videos within a secure vault. Your first task is to create a passcode to protect your content. You’re then presented with a main album that you select to start importing your photos from your library or camera.

You can create additional albums for more photos and videos, browse photos on the web via a built-in browser, and then download them to one of your albums. At the Settings screen, you can change your passcode and opt to use Touch ID or Face ID instead of the code.

The basic version is free. For $7.99, the pro edition gives  in unlimited photo albums, removes all ads, throws in a pattern lock option, and lets you wirelessly transfer photos.

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5. Secret Calculator

Secret Calculator app

This app enables you to hide your secret photos and data behind working calculator with pattern lock, passcode and touch ID It provides the perfect privacy with passcode, double protection, decoy mode, album leve lock and photo level lock. You have no limit on format of the media to hide. The app supports photo, video, GIF, live photo, text and URL.

The app offers predefined photo albums, though you can create your own albums as well, and all photos can be sorted by date. Simply select an album and then add the photos you want to protect. You can import photos from your library, your camera, clipboard, iTunes, and another device via Wi-Fi. Note this is not a free app and costs AU$2.99

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6. Best Secret Folder

This app protects safely and securely your most private videos/photos with Best Secret Folder. Simply add the video from your library or record directly thru the app. The app is password protected so no one will be able to access your videos/photos! View the videos/photos in an easy to view albums, you can even group your video and later view them in grid view or list view.

The free edition restricts you to 25 photos and 11 videos and excludes some of the app’s cooler features. There is seven day free trial and after that you are charged  US$14.99 per year with unlimited storage, removes all ads, supports Face ID, can display a dummy startup screen, and will snap a photo of someone who tries to access the app without the right passcode.

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Now pick any one of these best secure apps for your iPhone to keep your photos and other data safe and secure as you can lock access to certain private data within a virtual vault shielding your photos, videos, and other sensitive files with a password, PIN, or another security measure.

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