Telstra’s new Post Paid Mobile Plans for iPhone in Australia

Telstra Australia Post Paid Plans

Telstra has introduced post paid mobile plans and these new plans are all month-to-month with no lock-in and no excess data fees, and are identical aside from the amount of included data. At the time of writing there were four options in this plan, the small plan, medium plan, large plan and extra large plan. You get much more value for money on the two higher plans, up to 150GB for $100. Also the $60 medium plan and above plans offer a lot more for your money compared to previous Telstra plans.

Each of these plans gets you unlimited calls and text messages within Australia, as well as unlimited Apple Music streaming and video data from certain Telstra partners, and you can switch to a different Telstra plan once per month. You also get free access to Telstra’s 5G network, if you have a compatible device and are in the coverage area, until June 30 2020. If you exceed your monthly data allowance your network speeds will be slowed a bit.

The Post Plans of Telstra

Best Plans of Telstra

Telstra has slimmed down its post-paid plan options in a bid to retain its existing customers and attract new ones. All the plans come with 5G network access free trial until 30th June 2020 with no lock in contract and no excess data charges in Australia. Also you get unlimited standard national calls and texts Here’s the new lineup:

  • Small Post Paid Plans comes with 15GB data for $50 a month.
  • Medium Post Paid Plans comes with 60GB data for $60 a month.
  • Large Post Paid Plans comes with 100GB data for $80 a month.
  • Extra Large Post Paid Plans comes with 150GB data for $100 a month.

Each plan gets you unlimited Apple Music streaming and video data from certain Telstra partners, and you can switch to a different Telstra plan once per month. You also get free access to Telstra’s 5G network, if you have a compatible device and are in the coverage area, until June 30 2020.

Telstra Post Paid IPhone plans

Also there are many extra add ons like for an additional $10 per month you get unlimited international calls and texts from Australia, and from July next year you’ll need to pay $15 per month for 5G access.

If you’d like a new phone with your mobile plan you can pay it off over 24 or 36 months, with prices differing between phones. For example over 36 months a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G 256GB is $56 per month, an iPhone XS 64GB is $45.33 per month, and a Pixel 3 64GB is $32 per month.

Since these prices add on to any of the six standard plans, it should be simple to work out which phone and data allowance can fit in your monthly budget. While there are no early termination fees if you decide to leave Telstra before the 24 or 36 months are up, you do have to pay for the remainder of the phone. Telstra no longer offers “leasing” plans.

Outside of post-paid mobile, Telstra has new plans for mobile data only SIMs, eSIMs, home phone and broadband. As with the mobile plans, these are structured so that you choose a tier and then have the option to pay off a new device (such as a tablet) over 24 or 36 months.

How can you change your Pre Paid to Post Paid at Telstra?

Post Paid Plans with Telstra

You can change your mobile from Pre-Paid to post-paid, or post-paid to Pre-Paid and in most cases you can keep your SIM card and your number. To change over you can Call Telstra on 132200 or Visit your local Telstra Store and ask for the change.

Also if you want to switch back to Pre-Paid you will need to select a Pre-Paid plan. You will need to purchase a Pre-Paid recharge and any discounts or benefits linked to your post-paid contract will end once it changes.

If you are still on a post-paid contract you can still switch to Pre-Paid but you will need to pay any Early Termination Charges and any remaining device or accessory payments associated with your plan.

You can check if you’re still on a contract and get any estimate of any early termination charges or remaining device payments with Telstra 24×7 AppTelstra 24×7 My Account or at Telstra website

When switching to post-paid you will need to select a post-paid plan and if required a new device and you’ll lose any remaining credit or bonuses on your Pre-Paid service once it changes. In most cases Telstra  can add your mobile to an existing account.

You may lose voicemail messages you’ve saved when you switch. Make sure you save important voicemail messages to a separate device first. You can’t transfer ownership of a mobile at the same time as you’re switching from Pre-Paid to post-paid or vice versa.

If you want to transfer ownership as well, visit their Change of Ownership page.

Telstra store Australia

Finally again note that the post-paid plans include:

  • Unlimited SMS, MMS and MessageBank in Australia to standard Australian numbers
  • Data usage alerts
  • Wi-Fi access at Telstra Air hotspots in Australia
  • Data sharing between eligible mobile services on the same account

A handset post paid plan allows you to add a mobile handset at a discounted monthly cost. There are two ways for you to pay for your device, depending on which plan you choose.

  • A Device Payment Contract (DPC) that lets you pay off your phone in interest free, monthly repayments over a 24 month contract.
  • A Device Leasing Contract (DLC) where you lease the handset for 24 months instead of owning it and will need to return the handset undamaged and in good working order at the end of the lease period, or if you cancel or change your plan early.

Depending on the value of the plan you may also get a Device Plan Discount. This reduces the amount you pay for your DPC as long as you stay connected on your 24 month plan.

If you’re a new or existing Post-Paid customer with an eligible handset plan, you may receive a Device Plan Discount while you remain connected on that plan. Also BYO plan is a great option if you already have a compatible mobile phone handset.  It’s a 12 month contract that comes with an allowance of calls, messages and data for use in Australia, but does not include a phone handset.

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