Slots Gone Wild HD: Is play money a pathway?

Slots Gone Wild HD App
Slots Gone Wild HD App

The Avalinx pokies applications on Apple are quite vulgar, by both using graphics and sounds that would be stimulating to children and providing a slot machine simulator. I therefor feel the urge to be equally vulgar while reviewing the Slots Gone Wild HD application by using the phrase, “you can’t polish a turd”. Making an application prettier does not eliminate the problems associated with games of this type. Unfortunately I have been given the task of reviewing it, so here goes…

Requirements: iOS 4.3 or later; iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.
Name: Slots Gone Wild HD Free
Cost: Free with advertisements (self-promotion by Avalinx LLC) including annoying pop-ups.
Application Size: 42.2 MB
Developer: Avalinx LLC; has a variety of slots game applications.
Rating: The application has a 4 star rating on iTunes, with a total of 19 reviewers.
Features: Variety of 5 bonus rounds, choice to play up to 21 lines per spin, free spin prizes, Game Center Leader Boards, use coins to lock columns in place.

Slots Gone Wild HD, as other Avalinx LLC slots games, is colourful and playful with stimulating pictures and sounds. The game would be a lot of fun for children, however it encourages gambling. The jackpot prize is ominously placed in the corner of the interface, creating a desire to win.

The odds are in the players favour. The game may create unrealistic ideas of slot machines and could lead to the user wanting to play slots with real money with the aim of winning real money.

Used responsibly, this application can provide enjoyable entertainment, consequence free. However gambling can be a significant problem and this game may act as a catalyst to gaming addiction later in life or encourage the user to transition to real money slots machines. I would therefore be wary of those who are not sensible or mature choosing to play Avalinx LLC slot games in particular. The jackpot advertisement is suggestive of the jackpot advertisements that market real money slot machines.

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