Know the cost you will pay if you dropped your iPhone X and damaged the screen-This is what Apple revealed.

iPhone X- repair cost

The most expensive phone iPhone X is also having a costly affair to its repairs. Latest apple updated its iPhone service pricing page, Apple revealed repairing an iPhone X display will cost $279 while “other damage” will be charged at an eye watering $549. This is increasingly more than similar repairs for an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus phones. So beware as dropping your iPhone X will cost you heavier a price or you’ll want to get Apple Care+ coverage with your deal.

Apple has revealed how much it will cost to repair the phone if the screen is damaged.

In Australia, an iPhone X will cost $418.95 to just repair the screen without AppleCare+. That is almost twice as expensive as the cost of repairing a screen on an iPhone 8 Plus ($268.95) or an iPhone 8 ($228.95).

If your phone has additional damage that is not limited to the screen, the bill could be up at around $818.95.

According to the Apple website, the following prices in the table below apply if:

  • You need to replace your screen due to accidental damage or mishandling. Accidental damage isn’t covered by the Apple warranty.
  • Your iPhone screen gets broken while it’s still under warranty and you don’t have AppleCare+ coverage.
  • Your screen stops working and your iPhone isn’t covered by the Apple warranty, consumer law, or AppleCare+.
iPhone X repair cost chart
The cost of repairing an iPhone without AppleCare+. Picture: Supplied/Apple website

However, if iPhone X buyers get AppleCare+, it includes two incidents of accidental damage coverage. You can use an incident for screen repair,” the website states. All iPhones with AppleCare+ pay $45 for screen repair only or $149 for other damages.

  • As for battery services, all iPhone models with AppleCare+ get free battery service, but if the phone is out of warranty it will cost $119.
  • The cost of repairing Apple’s new iPhones comes as Apple has quashed any concern of muted demand for its iPhone X, saying pre- orders for the 10th anniversary phone were “off the charts”.

Remember that iPhone X comes with new facial identification software to replace the fingerprint used on previous phones. It has a Super Retina Display, TrueDepth Camera System, Face ID and A11 Bionic Chip with Neural Engine.

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