iOS 12 will reportedly bring iPhone apps to macOS- Find the Bloomberg report

iOS 12 to be soon released with new features

In a recent news release it has been announced that iOS 12 will reportedly bring iPhone apps to macOS. According to Bloomberg‘s Mark Guttman, who claims that Apple’s upcoming iOS update, known internally as ‘Peace’, will make it possible for a single third-party app to work across iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.

This functionality will also be folded into Apple’s macOS 10.14 update, codenamed ‘Liberty’, and will see some of Apple’s own iPhone apps, including Home, coming to the firm’s desktop OS.

Guttman’s report largely focuses on what iOS 12 won’t bring with it, though, adding weight to earlier rumours that Apple is planning to nix significant updates to iOS this year in favour of focusing on stability and security.

The report describes Apple’s new strategy as a “major cultural shift,” and an admission that its recent software updates have suffered from an uncharacteristic number of bugs, ranging from a ‘devastating’ flaw in macOS High Sierra, and an issue that meant iPhone X users were unable to answer phone calls.

According to Bloomberg, Apple will move to more of a two-year roadmap for iOS and macOS “instead of keeping engineers on a relentless annual schedule and cramming features into a single update”. The firm’s software engineers will have more discretion to delay features that aren’t as polished, the report notes.

iOS 12 is still expected to include some new features, however, including Animoji in FaceTime, which will allow you to put a virtual poo over your face during video calls. Animoji is also coming to the iPad, the report claims, with Apple set to release a new version of the tablet that packs a built-in Face ID camera.

Other significant iPad updates won’t arrive until 2019, with Apple’s plans to introduce a redesigned home screen, a revamped CarPlay interface and a new Photos app also pushed back until next year.

This year’s update will also bring with it a Digital Health app for parents to monitor kids’ screen time, deeper Siri integration in the iPhone’s search view, Do Not Disturb improvements, a multiplayer mode for augmented reality games and a redesigned version of Apple’s Stocks app.

Apple hasn’t commented on the rumours, but will unveil iOS 12 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference later this year.

Future iOS update will also let users switch off iPhone throttling ‘feature’

Also Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has said that a future iOS update will let users opt-out of a so-called ‘feature’ that throttles the performance of older iPhones with degraded batteries. Apple admitted that it hamstrings the performance of iPhones 6, 6S and SE handsets to prevent the handsets’ processors from demanding too much power from older Lithium-ion battery packs, which degrade over time.

This, naturally, went down like a lead balloon, and Apple has since been whacked by multiple lawsuits and a probe from French authorities, where it is a crime to intentionally shorten the lifespan of a product with the aim of making customers replace it.

Tim Cook has revealed that, alongside its bargain bucket battery replacements, the firm will soon roll out an iOS update that will allow users to switch off the throttling ‘feature’.

However, Cook has recommended that users don’t switch off the feature. While many may argue this is so that iPhone users have more of an incentive to upgrade to a newer model, Cook said that doing so could cause some handsets to “shut down unexpectedly.”

Cook added that Apple could have been more transparent about the fact that iPhones were being slowed down, noting: “Our actions were always in service of the user, maybe we should have been clearer at a point of time but our actions were always the purest. A developer preview of the incoming iOS update will be released this month so it’ll likely to roll out soon.

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