iPhone 7 Update: New iPhone to Put a Premium on Photography

iPhone 7 will be launched next month. Here’s the latest update on Apple’s new offering.

iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 is scheduled to be released in September. Apple is now gearing up to release the successor of the iPhone 6S which carries upgraded hardware of iOS 10 and advanced photography capabilities. There are already 7 iterations of the iPhone; the iPhone 7 looks like an iPhone 6S at first glance but with new “improved” features and functions. But how different is the iPhone 7 from its predecessors?

Enhanced Functions

The most notable features for the iPhone 7 would be the dual-camera system and a re-engineered home button. The home button will quickly respond to the pressure of vibrating sensation instead of a physical click or removing the device’s headphone jack. While it looks like a twin of the iPhone 6, scratching beyond the surface will unveil its other advanced features. There’s no headphone jack for this phone, and you’ll use the “lightning” headphones instead to listen to music. Tech insiders think that the Lightning headphones are the future of headphones and Apple enables your phone to be fully waterproof by using these headphones.

A Premium on Photography


The iPhone 7 boasts of a larger interface and dual cameras. The prototype versions reportedly produce brighter and sharper photos. Sensors actually capture colours differently, and then when you take a picture of yourself there’s an option to have a merged photograph of those two separate single shots. This dual camera also sharpens images take in low-light backgrounds. The combination of merged photos from two camera sensors will allow users to zoom while retaining clarity.

Packed with iOS 10

iOS 10

Apple’s iPhone 7 will run on iOS 10, which features better 3D Touch features, interactive widgets, new messaging features, a redesigned Apple Music app, and a new Home app that acts like a universal remote control for your home. However, the iOS 10 will also run on previous iPhone models, will that be an issue not to buy an iPhone 7? Apple fans will obviously purchase the iPhone 7 to check its new features, but Apple believes that its new dual-camera feature will be its primary selling point.

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