Gboard App- The Wonderful Google Keyboard on iPhone

Gboard App

Google’s new keyboard for iOS is now there for you to install it on your iPhone or iPad. Known as Gboard it  would perform like a great keyboard with many interesting features.  You can add a GIFs, emojis, and Glide Typing  plus  it has Google Search built in.  This eases your typing and search both with now no more app switching; as you can just search and send, right from your keyboard.

You can search and send anything from Google.

  • You can find nearby stores and restaurants
  • Have Videos and images to find and display
  • Want to have weather forecasts then it is just in your finger tips
  • You can read latest news and articles
    As a sports fan know the latest cricket, basketball or soccer scores
  • Find anything in Google Search that you wish to know
  • Search GIFs for the best reaction
  • Search and find the perfect emoji, faster
  • Type faster by sliding your finger from letter to letter

Features of Gboard App in Detail

Built in search

Gboard App

Gboard features a built-in search button, found just to the left of word predictions. Tap on it to open a search bar and enter your query. You can search for websites, businesses, contacts or weather. A series of cards are returned as a result, and with a tap you can automatically insert information into a text field. With Gboard you can look something up without ever leaving a conversation and send the information.

Search for predictive emojis

Gboard App

With the iOS keyboard you can pick emojis by switching to a dedicated keyboard, then back to the standard keyboard. For example, type “key” and the key emoji will show up as an option to auto populate in the text field. Conversely, you can tap on the smiley face next to the space bar and search through emojis instead of spending time scrolling through a list of emojis.

You can do Glide typing

gboard app

There are other keyboard options for iOS users that allow you to swipe or glide a finger across the keyboard to spell out a word instead of tapping each key, but Google’s glide feature is spot on.

You can search GIFs

Gboard App

Suppose you wish to send an animated image, or GIF. Gboard offers the ability to search for the perfect GIF without having to switch keyboards or bounce between apps. Tap on the emoji icon, then select GIF. Commonly searched categories and GIFs are shown, with the additional benefit of searching for a GIF.

You can customize the keyboard

Gboard App

Gboard offers various customization options within its Settings. For example, you can enable location access so the keyboard can provide local weather and restaurants when searching. You can also enable contact search, making it easier to share contact info without leaving a conversation. Don’t want emojis to show up as text predictions? Turn it off. You can fine-tune Gboard to work just as you want.

Gboard and Privacy

Gboard keeps and maintains your privacy.

Here is what Gboard sends  to Google

• Gboard sends your searches to Google’s web servers to give you search results.
• Gboard also sends usage statistics to Google to let us know which features are used most often and to help us understand problems if the app crashes.

What Gboard doesn’t send to Google
• Other than your searches, Gboard doesn’t send anything you type to Google, whether it’s a password or chat with a friend.
• Gboard will remember words you type to help you with spelling or to predict searches you might be interested, but this data is stored only on your device. This data is not accessible by Google or by any apps other than Gboard.
• If you’ve turned on contacts search in Gboard search settings, this allows Gboard to search the contacts on your device so you can easily share. None of these queries are sent to Google.

You can have Gboard App from iTunes for free and requires iOS 9.0 or later and is compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPad Touch.

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