How to send, record and save an Animoji in iPhone X?


iPhone X has one of the unique features enabled by Apple’s TrueDepth camera and that is animoji which means animated emoji based on your real-life head and mouth movements. The option is exclusive to iOS 11 Messages, and now launched with the iPhone X as an iMessage app. By default you’ll see tabs for different characters on the left, but you can swipe up on the app pane to show a bigger gallery. Some options include a dog, a pig, a unicorn, a robot, an alien, and the infamous poo emoji.

What is Animoji and how to send one?

Sending an animoji

As said above Animojis are animated emojis you can send to any iOS or Android user. The emojis use the Face ID TrueDepth cameras to track your facial animations, kind of like motion capture used in films. With Animoji on iPhone X, you can create and share custom animated characters in the Messages app that use your voice and mirror your facial expressions. You can create your own Animoji and share it with anyone using an iOS device, Mac, or smartphone.

  • Open the Messages app and start a new message or tap an existing one.
  • To send one, head to the Messages app. Open a chat thread, and you’ll see a bar of apps at the bottom.
  • Choose an Animoji from the left side of the screen.
  • Look straight into your iPhone X and place your face inside the frame.
  • You’re now at the Animoji record screen. You can swipe it up to expand it to the whole screen.
  • Choose your favorite emoji, and you’ll realize it’s already tracking your facial movements.
  • Tap the red record button to capture a 10 second video (with audio), and send it to your friends. This will show up as a video file for people without an iPhone X.
  • To choose a different Animoji using the same recording, tap an Animoji. To delete the Animoji, tap on delete.
  • To create a static sticker, all users have to do is make a facial expression then drag the animoji into chat.
  • With a clip in the hopper, you’re presented with two new buttons: a blue up-arrow icon to send, and trash can icon to scrap it and start over. The animation is delivered as a video, making it accessible on devices other than an iPhone X.

Animoji are available directly within the Messages app for iOS 11, and it will be able to immediately pick up facial expressions and animate accordingly. You can edit emoji in fullscreen, and they’re all animated in real-time before you send them as a message. Recipients will receive them as looping videos with audio, and they look like they’ll be a lot of fun to send and receive.

How to save an Animoji?

How to save an animoji

If you want to save an Animoji you create or receive then in the message thread, press deeply on the Animoji, swipe up, and tap Save. If you have an iPhone 6 or earlier, iPad, or iPod touch, touch and hold the Animoji, then tap Save.You can also tap the Animoji in the message thread to bring it up in full screen, then tap blue level up icon, and tap Save Video. You can find Animoji that you save in the Photos app on your iOS device.

Note that the $1579 iPhone X has the best tech Apple could put in a phone. It let the company remove Touch ID and replace it with a 3D sensor that shoots out thousands of little infrared dots so you can unlock your phone with your face. It’s also the tech behind Apple’s Animoji, the iMessage app that lets you make and share cute animated faces.

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