Carnaval Pokies - Click to Play
Carnaval Pokies – Click to Play

When is the last time you have appeared at a Brazilian masquerade? This celebration has everyone dressed in a costume and happens right before Lent. The costumes and celebrations are brought to you through the Carnaval pokies. The game has nice bright colors, people dressed in costumes, clowns that are very colorful, and instruments.

Basic Features

  • Reels: 5
  • Win Lines: 9
  • Coin values: 0.25 to $5.00
  • Max Coins for each Line: 5
  • Max Coins for each Spin: 45
  • Progressive: No
  • Scatter Symbols: Yes
  • Wild Symbols: Yes
  • Software: Microgaming

Highest Jackpots

  • 5 Carnaval logos – 5,000 coins or $25,000
  • 3 Monkeys – 600 coins
  • 3 Clowns – 500 coins

Special Features

Festive logo – This is actually the wild of the game and has WILD across the front of it. This can be used for any symbol but the scatter. There is no special prize for just the wilds unless it comes in across the reels five times. At that point it is no longer considered a wild, but is not the same as a Carnaval symbol. This means you will win the coin jackpot of 5,000.

Scatter – This will actually have SCATTER across the front of the tile. Unlike other games there is no special bonus when the scatter rolls in. It is a multiplier instead. In order to enjoy 2x the payout the symbol will need to be on three reels at once, if it is on four reels then the payout is 10x, if there are five across the reels then the payout will climb all the way to 50x.

Dancer – When the dancer starts keeping beat on the screen it can win you 650 coins. If there are five dancers then the payout is 650 2x.

Carnival symbol – Since there is a jackpot of 5,000 coins there has to be a symbol in place. Line up the carnival symbol across all five reels and you will win the jackpot!

The festival is known around the world so basing a pokie on it only makes sense. It has done an outstanding job capturing everything about the party. Minus the bonus rounds that are not found here there are still many ways to score big while playing! This is one sure bet of enjoying the celebrations without going all the way to Brazil in February. Are you crazy enough to dance with the clowns?

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