Apple Releases iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 Ads

iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 hype just got better with Apple releasing 3 new ads featuring its new range of gadgets. These ads showcase the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch Series 2. It highlights its enhanced features such as low light camera performance, water resistance, and new fitness features.

“Midnight” Highlights iPhone 7’s Low Light Powers

The first commercial is titled “Midnight”, where a young skateboarder who has a penchant for taking photos during night time. He skates at night then sees a deer at a gas station, travels at the top of the hill overlooking the spectacular view of the city. This iPhone 7 feature is designed to showcase the iPhone 7’s low-light powers especially for nocturnal users.

“Morning Ride” Shows iPhone 7’s Water-Resistant Capability

The next commercial is called “Morning Ride”, it’s a 30-second ad where it shows a perspective of a cycling enthusiasts who is enticed by nature to get out and go for a ride. The ad culminates with a marvelous frame of nimbus clouds gathering infront of the cyclist. It highlights the newly water-resistant iPhone 7, but remember you still can’t carry with you when you scuba dive.

Apple Watch Series: It’s Go Time

The 3rd commercial features the capabilities of the Apple Watch 2. This ad takes an inspirational theme. The Apple Watch 2 projects a very active and sporty tone showcasing surfing to yoga to swimming. It’s clear that Apple also highlighting the Apple Watch 2’s water-resistant function as well.

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