5 Best Pontoon Game Apps To Enjoy On Your Mobile

5 best Blackjack game Apps to enjoy with your mobile

There are many Blackjack and Pontoon games apps to enjoy free with your mobile. These games do not require any real money to play these most sought table games at online casinos. This saves you from the risk of losing your real AUDs specially if you are new player and not well knowledgeable about these games.

Before download these apps remember that Pontoon is the English version of the popular table game Blackjack. While Pontoon follows the same general structure as Blackjack, there are a few major changes to the rules that make Pontoon a challenging and distinct table game.

How To Play Pontoon?

How to play Pontoon
Pontoon at online casinos

The goal of the game is to accumulate cards with point totals as close to 21 as possible without going over. Face cards (Jacks, Queens, and Kings) are worth 10 points. Aces are worth 1 or 11, whichever is preferable. All other cards are worth their face value. If your first two cards total 21 points with an Ace and any ten-value card (Jack, Queen, King, and Ten), you have the best hand possible, which is known as “Pontoon.” In Pontoon you also have the option of winning with a “Five Card Trick,” in which you draw (“TWIST”) to five cards without hitting 21. A Five Card Trick is the second best hand in Pontoon, and beats all other hands except for a Pontoon hand. As the player in Pontoon, you are always competing against the dealer.

The player is dealt an initial two card hand with the option of drawing more cards to bring the total value to 21 or less without exceeding it (“busting”), so that the dealer will lose by having a lesser hand than the player or by exceeding 21. The players must choose whether to “twist” (take a card), “stick” (end their turn), “buy” (double wager, take a single card and continue play), or “split” (if the two cards have the same value, separate them to make two hands). The players must twist if their hand totals 14 or less.

After all player hands have finished playing, the dealer’s hand is resolved by drawing cards until the hand busts or achieves a value of 17 or higher (a dealer total of 17 including an Ace, or “soft 17”, must twist one more card). The dealer never buys nor splits. The dealer will not decide to twist or stick based on your hand, and must strictly abide only by the dealer rules. As the player, your strategy should be based on what cards you have in your hand while taking into consideration what card the dealer has showing.

At the end of the game, if your hand total exceeds 21, you have “BUST” and you lose your wager. If your hand total is equal to the dealer’s hand, the game is considered a tie, and you lose. If your hand is closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand, you win the same amount as you wagered. If you make a Five Card Trick and the dealer does not have Pontoon, you win 2:1 the value of your wager. If you have Pontoon, you win 2:1 the value of your wager, unless the dealer also has Pontoon. Pontoon beats a combined card score of 21. Shuffling after half of the 6-deck cards played. The player can also choose to shuffle cards before next game.

5 best Pontoon and Blackjack game Apps to enjoy with your mobile

1. Blackjack App from Brainium

Blackjack app from Barium
Blackjack app from Barium

Blackjack by Brainium is the best game app that you can download from iTunes for iOS device and from Google Play store for your Android.  Most unique thing is that there are no in-app purchases for getting chips in this game.

You can even learn the game as you play as you can ask the dealer for a hint at any time. The interface quickly adds the value of your cards and helps you decide whether you should take a hit on a soft value or stay put with the cards you have. Take advantage of advanced strategies, like splitting multiple times and doubling down to win big! 

2. Blackjack 21 Pontoon by Infocom studios

Blackjack 21 app
Blackjack 21 app

With rating of 4.8 at App store this app BlackJack21Pontoon game apps gives you the whole new experience of real casino game. Its as similar as BlackJack21 with few changes to make the game more interesting. You can battle against the dealer and show all your tricks to win Pontoon or 21!
As a welcome bonus you get free chips to play as well as other Daily Bonus and Extra Bonus.
Also you can send receive free chips from your Facebook friends in this social game app. Play BlackJack21Pontoon and get trained yourself to face the real casino players. This free game has in app purchases to buy more free chips.

3. Pontoon 21 app by QiYo Creative Network

Pontoon 21 app
Pontoon 21 app

Pontoon 21 app by QiYo Creative Network is available for free play for both Android and iPhone mobile users.

Though this Pontoon game apps doesn’t have good reviews at app stores but as a free game to learn the game as a new player this is good app. You can play with large high quality cards and chips and as you level up your Leaderboard to boast your score you can use the best strategy to win the game. This game app has in app purchases to get more free chips to  play.

4. Blackjack Casino Card Game

Blackjack casino card game app
Blackjack casino card game app

This free Pontoon game apps is available at iTunes where you can learn and play Pontoon and Blackjack. Get free coins as a new player and when the rate notification pops up, get more coins just for rating the app.  Play the world famous game “Blackjack 21” with a whole new spin.

There’s more to this Blackjack app than just Hit or Stand. Just like a real casino, you have the option to split, double down, and even take insurance! This Blackjack game has Hi-Lo and KO card counting strategies. Both strategies are perfect for beginners interested in learning card counting! Even try your hand in the high stakes tables! Start with Beginner’s Luck and work your way up to The Penthouse! Compete with players around the world by working your way to the top of the Leaderboards.

5. Blackjack by Super Lucky Casino

Blackjack 21 super lucky casino app
Blackjack 21 super lucky casino app

Blackjack 21 app from Super Lucky Casino is very good app where you can play online or offline.  Play Las Vegas Casino Blackjack 21 with the Black Jack 21 free app.  You can play LIVE tournaments online or offline!  There are authentic free Blackjack Games on Android where this free blackjack games app is intended for adult audiences and does not offer real money gambling or any opportunities to win real money or prizes. Success within this free blackjack 21 game does not imply future success at real money gambling. Download the free game app from Google Play store and contains in app purchases to buy more free chips to play the game.

6. Blackjack app from Tap Tap Boom

Blackjack app from Tap Tap Boom
Blackjack app from Tap Tap Boom

Blackjack app by Tap Tap Boom is available at iTunes store  and at Google Play to Play blackjack as if you were at the casino! This is the most popular blackjack game on the store, with millions of downloads and rating of 4.7. This is a free blackjack game designed for iPhone, iPhone X and iPad – with large detailed cards and chips  that you can play against the dealer and see who can win by getting 21 without going bust! If you go bust don’t worry, you’ll get periodic chip bonuses regularly and every day so you can come back later and play more blackjack if your luck runs out.

Also, you can play Pontoon and Blackjack free or with real money at the very best iPhone casinos.

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