14 iPhone X tips that might be useful for a new user

iPhone X tips

iPhone X is the new smartphone released last year with a great screen, fast scanning technology and awesome cameras. This phone doesn’t have home button but uses the new face ID technology as the login method. Also  the vivid 15cm OLED screen has a cutout up top, meaning certain apps, as well as every video you watch on the device, will feature a black bar on its side unless you manually resize the video.  So with many changes that you will see here on this phone when compared to precious Apple smartphones, here are the few iPhone X tips that will be useful for a new user.

1. To take a screenshot on the iPhone X, press and release the side button and the volume up button at the same time.

2. When using an app, swipe up from the bottom of the display to return to the home screen. If your app collection spans multiple home screens, you can also swipe up from any home screen to return back to the first one.

3. Opening the app carousel is almost like navigating back to the home screen. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold your finger in place, and your currently open apps should appear. You can also swipe from left to right across the bottom of the screen to jump back into the app you’ve used most recently.

iPhone X tip- How to close an app

4. When you’ve opened the app switcher using the method above, rest your finger on the screen for a moment and the close icon, which looks like a red circle with a white minus sign in the middle, will then appear in the top corner of your currently open apps. Tap the icon to close an app.

5. To force restart the iPhone X, you must press and release the volume up button, volume down button, and then the side button until you see the Apple logo.

6. Swiping down from the right corner of the screen will pull up the Control Center, the iPhone’s list of now-customizable settings shortcuts.

iPhone X- How to view notifications

7. You will need to pull down from the top center of the screen to view notifications.

8. With the iPhone X, you can use Portrait Mode on both the rear and front-facing camera. After opening the camera app, choose Portrait, and you’ll get a carousel of different Portrait Lighting options such as Natural Light, Studio Light, Contour Light, and more. Tap the rotate camera icon to switch to the front-facing camera for a professional-looking selfie.

iPhone X- How to rise to wake in new phone

9. Whenever you lift up your iPhone X to your face, the screen will automatically wake up. This is called Raise to Wake, and it has been around for some time on iPhones. If you want to turn it off, head to Settings > Display & Brightness and toggle Raise to Wake on or off.

How to turn off the iPhone X phone

10. Press and hold the side button and either the volume up or volume down button to turn off the phone, access your medical ID, or launch the emergency SOS feature.

Apple Pay in iPhone X

11. To pull up Apple Pay on your iPhone X, double click the side button.

12. Press and hold the side button to summon Apple’s virtual assistant Siri.

13. The iPhone X doesn’t have the option to show the battery percentage on the home screen, but you can see it in the Control Center by swiping down from the top right corner of the screen.

Face ID iPhone X

14. Since Face ID is meant to learn your face more closely over time, the best way to improve its accuracy is to enter your passcode each time you’re prompted to do so. This verifies your face, ideally making it easier for Face ID to recognize in the future.

Now that you have learnt these above few tips to work efficiently with your new iPhone X  you also need to protect it from dust and dirt. Move to the next post to find best iPhone X cases under $50.

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